How-To Create the Ultimate Detox Salad - GUIDE!

Guide to Creating the Ultimate Detox Salad

When I first began my health journey, I honestly didn’t know how to put together a salad that truly nourished my body. And, I certainly didn’t know how to make a detox salad. Sure, I knew how to throw veggies and lettuce in a bowl and top it with some sort of “all natural” salad dressing.  But, I had no clue how to combine certain herbs and veggies to create the ultimate detox salad!

This is actually the last article sharing my detox guides. Get the other two guides below.

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Benefits of a Detox Salad

A detox salad is not the same as a regular healthy salad. It includes ingredients that particularly support your detox organs, such as your liver and kidneys.

As you’ll see in the guide below, you’ll want to include things like fresh herbs and spices in addition to the regular vegetables you’d normally add to a salad because these herbs and spices are particularly great for supporting your detox organs.

For instance, parsley is great for supporting your kidneys while cilantro is great for your liver. Dulse is a great source of iodine, which supports your thyroid. And, sauerkraut is great for supporting your digestive tract.

You can easily turn a regular healthy salad into a detox salad by simply adding in some of the ingredients listed in the guide below.

How to Create the Ultimate Detox Salad – Guide

Be sure to save this guide to your phone or device for easy reference.

How to Make the Ultimate Detox Salad - GUIDE!

Healthy Salad Recipes

If you’re on the search for some healthy salad recipes, here are some of my favorites:


  1. I like the sound of this recipe but I am intrigued why you pointed out that tomotoes are not a vegetable but then neither are peppers or cucumbers….

    The best way to work out the difference between fruit and vegetables is; if it is the plant itself (i.e. the root, the stem, the leaves or flowers) it is a vegetable. If it grows on the plant (like oranges or tomotoes) it will most likely have seeds inside (like pumpkins and apples) then it is a fruit.

    • Hi Janine.. You are SO right! I created this detox a few years ago and, apparently, I didn’t realize cucumbers and peppers weren’t veggies too back then! But, I couldn’t agree w/ you more. I’ll see if I can get that corrected 😉

  2. Hi Kayla! I stumbled upon your website and LOVE it. I have purchased things you have recommended and am currently doing your 7-day detox. We are on day 3. I have to ask– is all we can consume what is listed on the paper? My stomach is growling so often and I am so hungry! Any tips?

    • Hi Megan! Thanks and Congrats on making it to day 3! Feel free to snack on any fruit (excluding avocados) or even make yourself another juice or smoothie using the same recipes in this detox protocol. If you’re highly active (i.e. athlete), feel free to double the sizes of each recipe. Also, drinking decaf herbal teas usually help to curb your appetite. Be sure you are eliminating (#2) a few times per day as well. Backed up toxins in the colon can cause unwanted cravings. The quickest way to ensure proper elimination is by doing a water enema or drinking an herbal laxative tea (Smooth Move is good). Because your body is releasing toxins at a more rapid rate than normal, it’s easy for those toxins to get backed up in the colon causing temporary constipation. Hope this helps and good luck!!

  3. Megan Martinez

    Thank you!! That’s music to my ears! I workout daily so I need extra fuel I’m finding. I haven’t gone #2 since starting on Monday. Uh oh. Should I do an enema now?

  4. Rosa Maria

    Hi Megan

    I have noticed that if you drink room temperature water as you get up, you will have a bowl movement before you leave the house…try that

  5. I’m a new mom and wanted to know if it was okay to do this detox while breastfeeding?

    • Kayla Chandler

      Hi Jess… I do not recommend it. When you detox, your body releases toxins into the bloodstream to be carried out of the body. So, in short, I wouldn’t risk it. Don’t worry, this detox will still be here when you finish breastfeeding 🙂

  6. how often should i eat these salads a day? for how many months?

    • Kayla Chandler

      Hi Angie.. You can eat them once or twice per day in place of 1-2 of your regular meals (i.e. lunch and dinner).

  7. Can we cook the broccoli & cauliflower ?

  8. You suggest to replace 1-2 meals with the salad. If I do this for lunch and dinner what do you suggest for breakfast foods.

    • Kayla Chandler

      Any type of whole foods/healthy meal. As long as you’re replacing 2 meals per day with a smoothie and eating 1 whole foods/organic meal, you’ll see results (unless you have any underlying medical issue, such as hypothyroid).

  9. Hi. I would like to ask if this detox can lose weight? And What if i ate it twice breakfast and lunch, what shall i eah at dinner, can i eat protein?

    • Kayla Chandler

      Hi there! If you’re seeking to lose weight with a detox, you should do my 7-Day Detox.. it’s free and everything is laid out for you for the full 7 days. Just enter your email into the green box at the top of my site and it’ll be emailed to you 🙂

  10. Your recipes are really cool,so I want to ask:how many grams are there in 1 serving?

  11. Bonny carroll

    Can’t figure out how to subscribe or to get on blog. But I’m loving what I’m seeing. Have done two weight loss weeks so far!
    Please instruct me how to get in blog and to subscribe. When I hit link to subscribe it gives options I don’t understand!
    Thanks a bunch


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