How to Make Dalgona Coffee | Frothy Whipped Coffee Recipe

How to Make Dalgona Coffee | Frothy Whipped Coffee

Dalgona Coffee has been trending on the internet for weeks now and for good reason because it’s super delicious! If you’re a coffee lover, you must try this recipe. It’s basically a frothy, whipped coffee.

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To make the original recipe healthier, I would suggest making the following swaps:

  • Swap regular milk for almond or coconut milk
  • Swap regular sugar for raw cane sugar or coconut palm sugar
  • You can also use a low carb granulated sweetener, such as Monk Fruit or Birch Xylitol for a Keto-friendly option.
  • Since this recipe calls for instant coffee, try to use one that’s organic, like this one.

Also, this recipe is a 1:1:1 ration. So, if you want to make a larger portion to serve multiple people, keep this in mind.

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How to Make Dalgona Coffee | Frothy Whipped Coffee Recipe

Dalgona Coffee Recipe | Frothy Whipped Coffee

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This dalgona whipped coffee recipe was made popular in South Korea. If you’re a coffee lover, you have to try this recipe because it’s super delicious!


  • 2 Tbsp Instant Coffee

  • 2 Tbsp Raw Cane Sugar, Coconut Palm Sugar, or a granulated low carb sweetener

  • 2 Tbsp Hot Water


  • In a large mixing bowl, add the instant coffee, sugar, and hot water (make sure it’s really hot).
  • Using an electric hand mixer, whisk until mixture begins to thicken and continue to whisk until it resembles the texture of whipped cream. FYI: You can also hand-whisk this mixture but it does take a lot longer.
  • When ready to serve, you can make it over ice or serve it warm. For a cold beverage, add the ice to a glass along with your milk of choice (leave room for the whipped coffee). Then, top it off with the whipped coffee. Stir and mix well. For a warm beverage, heat up the milk, add to glass, and top with the whipped coffee. Stir and ENJOY!

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