Carrot Muffins with Juice Pulp | Juice Pulp Recipes

Carrot Cake Muffins Using Leftover Juice Pulp

Juicing is absolutely wonderful for your health!  But, how many times have you thought to yourself as you’re pouring the leftover pulp in the trash can… “I know I should be using this pulp, but I have no idea what to do with it…”

Carrot Muffins with Juice Pulp | Juice Pulp Recipes

Well, I have a delicious (and easy) recipe for you today that’ll put your carrot pulp to good use!

By the way, one of my all time favorite juice recipes is:  Carrot, Apple, Ginger – which is what I drank while snacking on these muffins this afternoon.

It’s a definite must-try if you haven’t tried it!

Here’s a Quick Tip for You: Juice the carrots first.  Then, dump the carrot pulp into a bowl before juicing the rest of your juice.

These muffins are Vegan, Gluten Free, Low Fat, Oil Free, Nut Free, and (most importantly) Delicious!! My boyfriend actually liked these better than his (store bought) scones.  I’m glad he’s beginning to see that healthy food can taste just as good (if not better) than those unhealthy desserts in the deli!

I hope y’all enjoy these as much as I did!



  1. HI Kayla! Just wanted to clarify… am I to use the pulp AND the juice or just the pulp? I assume both since there aren’t other wet ingredients, just the sticky dates and pulp. But I don’t want to end up with soup! Lol Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to try after finishing the 7 day detox!

    • Hi Chris! You actually do not use the carrot juice in the recipe… the mixture will be sort of wet/sticky since the pulp will have some moisture still left in it (the dates will give moisture too). But, the carrot juice is definitely great to drink with the muffins 🙂 Hope this helps and good luck on finishing up your detox!

  2. Hello! was hoping to see if you could please repost the recipe here as well as on your youtube channel. Recipe does not seem to come up on this site and the video does not list out the measurement of the ingredients I will need to make these. Just started juicing again and wanted to try these out, they look and sound so good! Thanks so much!!


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