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Reduce Cellulite by Dry Skin Brushing

Ladies, have you ever wondered why women get cellulite and men rarely do?

Well, women have more estrogen than men, which means we naturally have more body fat than men.  But, more importantly, the underlying connective tissue in women is thinner and the fat layer is thicker than in men, which means fat cells (in men) are not able to protrude out as much (as in women) and cause that dimpled appearance (due to the man’s thicker connective tissue and a thinner fat layer).

But, there is hope…

Two Ways to Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite

DETOX  Did you know that most toxins are stored in our fat cells.  It’s actually a protection mechanism by our body to protect our vital organs from these toxins.  A good detox/cleanse is a double-edged sword in that it both helps us to lose weight (fat) while also excreting the fat (and the toxins stored in our fat) out of the body.  Additionally, by lessening the amount of toxins (toxic foods) you ingest, you will begin to notice less cellulite over time because your body is not having to store those toxins from the food into fat cells.

Although I’ve always been pretty thin (never over 15-20 lbs of my ideal weight), I still had some cellulite.  After switching to an all natural, whole foods diet with very little processed foods, I noticed my cellulite beginning to diminish even if I was 10 lbs over my ideal weight.  This, obviously, takes time to notice a huge difference.  But, nevertheless, it worked for me over the course of about one year.

To speed things up though, I began dry skin brushing…

Dry Skin Brushing ¬†I do believe that the main factor in reducing/eliminating my cellulite was my diet (as mentioned above); however, I noticed my cellulite diminishing much quicker when I would skin brush daily. ¬†Check out the video below to see why skin brushing is great for cellulite and how to skin brush properly…

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