How to Cure a Hangover FAST

How to Cure & Prevent a Hangover Naturally

How to Cure a Hangover

With the holidays in full swing, I know many of you are attending holiday parties and new year’s eve celebrations, so I want to make sure you avoid the dreaded hangover that tends to accompany all the celebrations this time of year!

Personally, I’m not a big drinker, but I do like to enjoy a few glasses of wine or a cocktail on special occasions.  And, every time I remember to do the tips mentioned in this post, it makes the biggest difference in how I feel the following day!

I don’t recommend consuming alcohol on a regular basis because it can be very hard on the liver; however, I know it’s fun to indulge on special occasions from time to time, so I’m here to make sure you put as least of a burden as possible on your liver and to avoid the hangover!

Things to do the day/night you’ll be drinking

There are certain things you can do the same day/night you’ll be consuming the alcohol to lessen your hangover symptoms or even to avoid them altogether.

#1 – Drink water between each beverage

Alcohol is a diuretic, so it can dehydrate you, which is part of the reason you may have a headache the next day.

One of the easiest things you can do to avoid dehydration is to drink a whole glass of water in between each alcoholic beverage.

#2 – Choose your alcohol wisely

Yes, the alcohol you consume can make a big difference in how you feel the next day.

In the process of producing ethanol, which is what alcohol is, certain toxic byproducts are produced, including a toxic byproduct called congeners.

And, several studies suggest that hangovers are largely influenced by these congeners.  So, it makes sense that if you can avoid alcohols with a high amount of congeners, then you’ll have less hangovers symptoms the next day.

And, the rule of thumb is that your darker spirits – whiskey, bourbon, red wine, etc. – contain a higher amount of congeners while your lighter spirits – vodka, rum, gin, white wine, etc. – contain fewer congeners.

In fact, the liquor with the smallest amount of congeners is vodka.  So, keep this is mind the next time you consume alcohol!

#3 – Take Vitamin C & Molybdenum

When your body begins to metabolize the alcohol, it produces a byproduct called acetaldehyde, which is very hard on your liver.

If you take Vitamin C before and after drinking, it helps to support the liver by boosting glutathione production, which helps to metabolize the alcohol via the liver much more quickly.  This translates to less hangover symptoms the following day.

Another great supplement to take while drinking is Molybdenum.  This mineral helps to convert acetaldehyde into acetic acid, which is much easier for your body to eliminate, and can drastically decrease hangover symptoms.

FYI:  Candida also produces acetaldehyde, which is why those with candida overgrowth feels sort of spacey, brain fog, and slightly drunk.  Molybdenum is a great mineral to take, especially if you’re on an anti-candida diet because it helps to eliminate a lot of the die-off symptoms.

Things you can do the day after drinking…

Lets say you still have a hangover the next day or maybe you forgot to do the things listed above the night before…. here are some things you can do the following day to help alleviate your hangover.

#4 – Replenish your electrolytes

Like I stated earlier, alcohol is a diuretic, so it does cause your body to excrete sodium and potassium, which can cause you to feel more sluggish, tired, and drained the next day.

So, it’s very important to replenish your electrolytes after consuming alcohol.  

Foods high in electrolytes include:  coconut water, bone broth, bananas, organic pickles, and avocados.  

#5 – Take activated charcoal

Activated charcoal has been used for centuries as a natural and very powerful detoxifier.  It contains tiny little pores that bind to toxins and quickly eliminate them from your body.

This is a great supplement to take, especially if you drank a bit too much and you want to quickly eliminate toxins.

One thing to note about activated charcoal is to use charcoal made from coconut shells and don’t take it longterm because it can also eliminate certain nutrients as well (i.e. B vitamins).

So, it’s a great short-term detoxifier!

#6 – Consume ginger for nausea

If you feel nauseated the next day, one of the best ways to naturally get rid of the nausea is ginger.

Anything ginger seems to work – ginger candy, ginger tea, fresh ginger in a smoothie or juicing it straight.

Ginger is great for calming the stomach and digestive system and works wonders when it comes to getting rid of nausea!

Okay, y’all!  I hope these tips were helpful to you.  And, I hope you have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂 xoxo

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