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How I Use Oil Pulling to Naturally Whiten My Teeth + Benefits of Oil Pulling

Hey Y’all!  I’m super excited about today’s post because I’m sharing a “secret” I’ve been doing my years to whiten my teeth naturally and to improve my overall oral hygiene.  And, that secret is – OIL PULLING!

In today’s post, I’m going to go over what exact oil pulling is, its many benefits, and how to oil pull properly.

If you prefer watching the video, scroll to the end of this post.

 What is Oil Pulling?

Oil pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic practice that’s been used for thousands of years for maintaining good oral hygiene.  Believe it or not, but toothbrushes and toothpaste haven’t always been around 😉

So, our ancestors must’ve done something to keep their teeth clean and healthy.  Well, when it comes to Ayurvedic medicine (practiced over 3,000 years ago in India), they used oil pulling.

Oil pulling is the simple practice of swishing oil around in your mouth for a specific length of time.  And, this simple practice can have profound impacts on your oral health and even the health of your entire body as we know that healthy teeth and gums are a sign of an overall healthy body.

What are the Benefits of Oil Pulling?

Your mouth is full of different types of bacteria and toxins.  And, if these build up in the mouth and aren’t kept in check, then it can lead to multiple health issues.

Oil pulling can help to get rid of oil-soluble toxins in the mouth and body, especially in those areas where brushing and flossing can’t reach.  These bacteria and toxins “stick” to the oil and are eliminated when you spit the oil out.

In fact, oil pulling is so beneficial for your oral health that is can help to…

  • Prevent cavities (some even claim it can reverse cavities)
  • Whiten your teeth naturally (the main reason I started using it)
  • Stop bleeding gums
  • Reduce gum inflammation
  • Strengthen the gums and jaws
  • Improve acne (not all types of acne, though)
  • Get rid of chronic bad breath
  • Improve tooth decay
  • Prevent heart disease, and
  • Boost your overall immune system

Root canals are an area that can be a breeding ground for unwanted bacteria since they feed on the surrounding dead tissue.  And, while brushing & flossing will never reach those areas, oil pulling for 10 minutes per day can be extremely effective in minimizing these infectious bacteria. (study one & study two).

How to Oil Pull?

The first thing you need to do is figure out what type of oil you want to use.  As long as it’s a naturally-derived, cold-pressed oil, it should work.

However, I’ve found that coconut oil is the best when it comes to naturally whitening your teeth and removing more bacteria because it contains a hefty amount of lauric acid, which has proven anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory effects.

How Much – To start, all you need to do is add 1 Tbsp of oil to your mouth and swish it around.  But, don’t just swish it around lightly.  You really want to “pull” it through your teeth to reach those areas where brushing & flossing can’t reach.

How Long – Your goal is to oil pull for up to 20 minutes.  However, even if you can only do 10 minutes per day, that’s still better than nothing and will yield you great benefits!  At first, your jaws will get tired, so start slowly with just 5 minutes per day, if necessary.

How to Eliminate – When you’re done oil pulling, spit the oil out in the trash can (especially if using coconut oil) and rinse your mouth a few times with water.  DO NOT SWALLOW THE OIL – it contains bacteria and toxins!

Do it for 7 Days in a Row…

And, that’s it!  It’s as simple as that.  Whatever your motivation is to start oil pulling… whether it’s to find a natural teeth whitener, prevent cavities, or just to have good oral hygiene in general, I challenge you to oil pulling for seven days straight.

And, you’ll definitely want to take a before picture because you will notice a difference!

Oil pulling has now become a part of my daily/weekly routine, and I’ve been doing it now for 3-4 years.  Every time I visit the dentist, he always compliments me on my teeth, so I must be doing something right! 😉

Watch How to Oil Pull Video Below…

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