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Benefits of Collagen Peptides for Hair Skin and Nails
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Here’s What Happened When I Consumed Collagen Everyday (plus 3 Collagen Drink Recipes)


  Hey Y’all! Today, on the blog, I’m sharing with you a health and beauty hack that I’ve been doing for about 2 years now. So, what is it? Consuming a high quality, pasture-raised Collagen Protein powder every single day. The word ‘Collagen’ has always been a super-trendy term in […]

Healthy Creamy Paleo Salad Dressings
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3 Paleo-Approved Salad Dressings (Extra Creamy!)


 Hey y’all!  Today, I’m thrilled to have partnered with Primal Kitchen to bring you 3 healthy and paleo-approved salad dressing recipes. We all know salads are healthy for us.  However, when we start adding those store-bought salad dressings that are full of artificial ingredients, preservatives, and pro-inflammatory oils, we pretty […]