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5 Make-Ahead Fat Bomb Recipes | Healthy Keto Snacks

Keto Fat Bomb Recipes (dairy free)

Fat Bombs may be the best snack invention ever! If you’ve never made fat bombs, it’s time to start.

What are fat bombs?

They’re basically low carb, high fat, sugar free snack or dessert options. Not only are they great for those on a low carb, high fat eating style, such as Keto or Cyclical Keto (what I’m adhere to), but they’re also great for anyone trying to eat a cleaner diet.

Why? Well, because every time you eat, you spike the fat-storing hormone, insulin, and this takes your body out of fat-burning mode. And, depending on how many sugars & carbs are in the food you’re eating will determine how much your insulin spikes.

Paleo Weight Loss Meal Plans

Fat bombs have very little effect on your insulin and blood sugar, which keeps your body is fat-burning mode between meals. Keeping steady insulin levels is key to losing weight and keeping the weight off longterm.

Plus, because fat bombs are full of healthy fats, they’ll keep you fuller longer!

Today, I’m sharing 5 Make-Ahead Fat Bomb recipes that I’m sure you’re going to love! All of these recipes are dairy free, keto, and paleo friendly.

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Chocolate Almond Butter Fat Bombs


  1. Maria E. Mora

    The only Coconut I can have is coconut water-I’m allergic to anything else coconut ((so sad because I love it). Do you recommend any alternatives to all the coconut in your recipes-especially for the fat bombs. The only recipe that i will try out is the Ginger fat bombs but I so would like to experiment with the other delicious sounding bombs.

  2. These look great! But where are the actual recipes? I’d like to try them.


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