Detox Weight Loss Smoothie

Kale Yeah! Almond Butter Detox Smoothie

During the holidays, it’s easy to over-indulge… even on healthy dishes.

Anytime I go several days eating more than normal, I like to lighten things up by replacing my breakfast or lunch with a high-fiber smoothie for a few days.

Believe me, doing this will have you feeling brand new within a matters of days.

And, if you really want to lose the extra holiday weight fast, then try replacing two meals per day with a smoothie.  It works like a charm!

The key is making sure you include lots of fiber & healthy fats in all of your smoothies and keeping sugars to a minimum.  

If you’re diabetic or on a ketogenic diet, then try using avocados instead of bananas as your base.  It’ll still give you a similar creamy texture without the natural sugars.

This Kale Yeah! Almond Butter Detox Smoothie is a great meal replacement for days when you want to lighten things up.

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Kale Yeah! Almond Butter Detox Smoothie

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