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Paleo Fiesta Chicken Burgers

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So, I am completely obsessed with these burger patties.  I make burger patties ALOT using ground beef, ground turkey, etc. because… well… they’re just so easy to make and they keep me full for hours!

But, these are special.

Why?  Because the flavors in this recipe are BOLD and some of my favs.  If you love the flavors in Mexican foods, then you’ll quickly become obsessed with this recipe too 😉

I mean just look how good they look…

Wrap them with some iceberg lettuce stuffed with avocados & salsa and you have yourself a delicious lunch or dinner.  Heck, I’d even eat these for breakfast… Lol!

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Paleo Fiesta Chicken Burgers

A different twist on the basic burger patty… using ground chicken and bold, Mexican flavors.

  • 1 lb Organic Ground Chicken
  • 1 Packet of your favorite Taco Seasoning (avoid MSG)
  • 1 Bell Pepper of any color (de-seeded & chopped)
  • 1/4 C. Fresh Cilantro (finely chopped)
  • 1-2 Tbsp Unrefined Coconut Oil


  • Iceberg Lettuce (to wrap around the burger)
  • Avocado Slices
  1. Add 1 Tbsp of coconut oil to a skillet over medium heat. Saute the chopped bell pepper until soft. Once done, transfer chopped bell pepper to a large mixing bowl.
  2. Add ground chicken, taco seasoning, and cilantro to the same mixing bowl and use your hands to fully mix the ingredients.
  3. Separate mixture into 3 or 4 sections (depending on how many patties you want) and form each section into a patty.
  4. Add 1 more Tbsp of coconut oil (if needed) to the skillet and cook the patties on each side until fully cooked through.
  5. To serve, wrap a patty with iceberg lettuce and stuff with avocado slices, salsa, onions, etc.

If your taco seasoning doesn’t contain salt, be sure to add some sea salt or Himalayan salt to the mixing bowl when mixing ingredients.



  1. These are BEAUTIES!!!!

  2. Wow, these were super tasty and easy to make. Thanks for a great recipe.


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