How to make Sprouts

How to Make Sprouts – Alfalfa Sprouts

Sprouts. Sprouts. Sprouts.

They’re a superfood, a disease fighting food, and a weight loss food all in one!

How to make Sprouts

What are Sprouts?

To keep it simple, sprouts are germinated seeds.

There are many varieties of sprouts – alfalfa sprouts, bean sprouts, sunflower sprouts, etc. (You’ve probably seen alfalfa sprouts in the grocery store) 

Every plant you’ve ever eaten began with a sprout and grew from there.

If you just google ‘what can I sprout,’ you’ll quickly discover a long list of things you can sprout – and the process of sprouting can be done easily in your own home for much cheaper than store-bought sprouts.

See How to Make Your Own Alfalfa Sprouts Below (Step-by-Step Tutorial):

Why Should You Include Sprouts into Your Daily Diet?

  • Sprouts are a superfood – Sprouts contain many times the amount of nutrients than the non-sprouted version.  For example, the vitamin E content (which boosts your immune system and protects cells from free radical damage) can be as high as 7.5 mg in a cup of broccoli sprouts compared to 1.5 mg in the same amount of raw or cooked broccoli.
  • Sprouts are low in calories & rich in fiber – Not only does the high nutrient value of this food ensure proper nutrition (which helps maintain appetite), but its high fiber content also helps to keep you full for longer periods while encouraging regular bowel elimination.  Plus, an added bonus for those looking to lose weight is the low calorie content.
  • Sprouts are rich in active enzymes – Digestive enzyme supplements are very popular nowadays due to the rise in digestive issues.  Because sprouts are one of the most enzyme-rich foods on the planet, you don’t have to be concerned with digestive issues when eating sprouts with your meals.  They contain loads of active enzymes which will help to breakdown and assimilate your food more quickly and effectively, which will help to eliminate bloat and inflammation.
  • Sprouts are high in anti-oxidants – These anti-oxidants are responsible for slowing down the aging process and the damaging effects free radicals have on our DNA… talk about the ultimate anti-aging food!
  • Sprouts are high in chlorophyll – which cleanses our blood and helps to detoxify our body!  If you’re trying to detox, incorporating sprouts into your diet will increase your results, drastically.
  • Sprouts are high in plant-based protein – If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, then sprouts are a great way to get more protein in your diet!

How to Incorporate Sprouts into Your Daily Diet:

  • Add them to salads or use sprouts as your base instead of lettuce
  • Add sprouts to your sandwich
  • Blend with your smoothies (if you have a good blender, you can’t even taste them)
  • Eat solo with dips (they have a ‘crunch’ to them like a cucumber)
  • Add, as a topping, to soups or chili 
  • Include sprouts in your home-made sushi
  • Add sprouts to your wraps, instead of using shredded lettuce

**Make sure you get organic products when sprouting to avoid any pesticides, chemicals, toxins, and/or GMOs.


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