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My Favorite Skincare Line (and Why I Use it)

First off, I want to say that this is a 100% unbiased review.  I do not profit from writing my opinions and reviews on this skin care line.  The skin care line I use is:  Fleur De Vie Beauty  (15% Off Code:  KAYLA15)

I TRULY love this skin care and – well, you know how it is – when you are passionate about something, you naturally want to share it with others and hope that it’ll benefit them as much as it has you.


Is Your Skin Care Giving You Cancer? Why Skin Care is Important…

Your skin is your largest organ (I know – weird to think of your skin as an organ). It both absorbs and detoxifies.  When you put any type of lotion, cream, oil, sunscreen, etc. onto your skin, it will absorb a very high percentage of it, which is why I am very peculiar with what skincare products I use.

Think about it – when you slather on that lotion or night cream, do you know what’s actually creeping into your bloodstream via your skin? Many and I mean many beauty products sold today contain some form of toxin, such as parabens (have been found in breast cancer tumors), carcinogens (known to cause cancer), artificial fragrances, heavy metals (neuro/brain toxins), placental extracts (ughhh), etc.

For me, it’s very important to stick to an all-natural skin care that is also pharmaceutical grade (as described below).

Why Did I Choose Fleur De Vie?

1) Quality – The products are pharmaceutical grade, which means they are too potent to sell over-the-counter.  You see, those products you buy at department stores and drug stores are not very effective because they’re full of fillers and only contain a small percent of the active ingredients they claim will make you beautiful.

For example… you may see a lotion that reads “Contains Aloe Vera” on the label.  However, when you look at the ingredient list, aloe vera is listed at the very bottom, which means there isn’t much aloe vera actually in the lotion… I must say… It’s a very sly marketing strategy!


Now, take a look at Fleur de Vie’s Feel Free Hydrating Mist (use code KAYLA15), and you’ll see that Aloe is listed as the very first ingredient! And, it contains 90% Pure Aloe.

See the ingredient label for yourself by clicking HERE.

Not only is Fleur de Vie’s skin care line pharmaceutical grade, but it is also:

  • Plant Based
  • Natural
  • Paraben Free
  • Sulfate Free, and
  • Great for Sensitive Skin!!

All of which are extremely important to me.  If you really want to see results with your skin care, you must get skin care that’s pharmaceutical grade… meaning it contains high amounts of the active ingredients, unlike over-the-counter products.  But, be cautious because some pharmaceutical grade skin care lines (such as those sold in dermatology clinics) contain toxic ingredients.  Fleur de Vie is pharmaceutical grade, non-toxic, and plant-based. 


 *For my personal experience/review on some of the products I’ve been using, scroll down.

2) Ethics – I understand that there are other skincare brands that offer natural, plant-based products that are free from toxins, but do I actually know the people I’m buying from?  In most cases, the answer is No.

meandMel copyI am very blessed to know (personally) the owner and creator of Fleur de Vie Beauty, Melodie Dickinson.  And, I don’t mean I just met her a few times and hung out…. she was actually my boss and personal mentor at a previous direct sales job for several years, and we worked together almost daily.

Melodie has 20+ years of experience in the skin care and cosmetic industry having owned a highly successful franchise for another skin care and cosmetic company for years before deciding to begin a new path of creating her own (all natural, plant-based) skin care and cosmetic line… 

She had a desire to create a skin care and cosmetic line that contained only the best of ingredients… a product and brand that focused on results and not just profits.  After all, it would be the skin care she used on herself, and we all know we want the best for ourselves!

When it all boils down to it – I trust Melodie – I know her ethics and goals for this company.  I know she would never compromise on the quality of the product for financial gain.  And, of course, I know if it’s good enough for her to use then it’s good enough for me! Lol!

I just can not say that with other skin care and cosmetic companies.  The quality and ethics of this company are far superior than any other skin care and cosmetic company I’ve ever encountered, which is why I’ve, personally, chosen to use this product line exclusively on my skin.

My Personal Experience with this Skin Care…

After one use….  the texture of my skin changed drastically after just one use.  My skin literally felt as smooth as a baby’s bottom!

After one week  I noticed my make up/powder went on much smoother, and my skin was more radiant. Also, no new breakouts.  I have very sensitive skin, so this was HUGE for me.

After two weeks I noticed the number 11’s in between my eyes diminishing.  They weren’t really bad before but they were definitely starting to set in because I always squint.  In other words, they were becoming noticeable enough that I needed to do something about it!  And, believe me, I had tried several things before (even pure coconut oil).  Within 2 weeks of applying the B Energized Serum, the number 11’s were almost completely gone

After one month The overall appearance of my skin is so much more even and incredibly smooth.  I used to have really bad red hyper-pigmentation from hormonal acne, and I’ve really noticed a difference in how much my skin tone has evened out.  My boyfriend even complimented me on how much smoother and more radiant my skin looks.  Umm.. Hello – it takes a big difference in your skin for a man to notice! Well, for my man (don’t want to generalize)!

**I actually took some before shots but can’t locate the SIM card.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to locate it soon!

Before and Afters…

These before and after pictures are taken by real people who bought the skincare and sent in their results to Melodie (the owner).  So, the images may not be the best quality, but I think you’ll get the point.

Plus, you’ll see that none of these images have been edited to sell you “fake” results, as many brands will do.


Real Customer Testimony: After struggling with facial redness for quite some time, I was recently, formally diagnosed by my dermatologist with rosacea. I was prescribed a topical medication. After using the medication for only a few days, I noticed that my rosacea had only seemed to have gotten worse (picture on the left). I felt as if I would always have horrible redness. After beginning the Fleur de Vie skin care regimen, I noticed a big difference (pictured on the right). I am so happy with the results and would recommend Fleur de Vie to everyone!

She uses the B Energized Skin Care Package (same as me, above image).

Others who used the B Energized Skin Care Package



As you can see, these skin care products work on everything from rosacea and severe acne to age spots and wrinkles!

The Products I Use from Fleur de Vie… 

I, personally, use the entire B Energized Package plus the Pore Purity Mud Mask.  If you purchase this set as a package, it’s only $165 (compared to $195 if sold separately).  And, it’ll last you 3-6 months depending on whether you use it once or twice per day.  For the quality of ingredients in these bottles, $165 is a steal (IMO), which is why I decided to go ahead with using the whole set.


If you’re tight on cash or just want to test out the product to see how you like it, I would recommend going with the 3 Essentials: Live Clean Cleanser, B Energized Serum, & Grant Me Shelter Day Cream.

How To Order & Discounts…

Because I know the owner, she has allowed me to grant all of my followers a few perks.

To receive discounted rates on all products & packages, instead of going to Fleur de Vie’s home page, you’ll go to Melodie’s (the owner) special discount site (VIP treatment… yea!!)  Click the button below for discounts.


  1. Christine Nelson

    Hello. …I am a skin therapist at a very popular chain beauty store.
    I have never tried this line but I would love to. Im always looking for
    different options to suggest to people other than the line that I am
    required to use for treatments at the store. But not every line is perfect
    for every person. Please tell me how I can get some samples to try
    on myself. I have a very hard time telling someone how great
    a product is, when I haven’t first hand tried it. Thanks

    • Hi Christine! I’m the exact same way… I must try something before recommending it. Let me get in touch with the owner and see what she can work out for you. In the meantime, please email me a good email address to reach you for future conversation: admin@KaylaChandler(.)com

  2. Do you have any samples,I have deep acne scars on my face and have tryed many products!!I use a heavy make-up now and still shows through..

    • Kayla Chandler

      Unfortunately, I don’t have any samples, but I do have a 15% off code you can use (KAYLA15). Keep in mind, for deep pitted acne scars, many times it requires a combination of professional treatments along with a good skincare to speed up recovery. In my experience, the combination of a fractional CO2 laser along with the skincare is working. I’ve tried nearly everything for my pitted acne scars, including micro needling with PRP (which didn’t work after 4 treatments). I’ve only had 1 CO2 treatment, and my scars are improved by 30% which is alot for pitted scars. I plan on getting my 2nd laser treatment next month. But, in the meantime, I keep my “new” skin healthy, resilient, and clean with the skincare.

  3. I liked your article especially the point on skin care giving you cancer. I think you should add what kind of ingredients to avoid which cause skin cancer. The overall blog is fantastic and this is helpful for all the people to choosing this skin care line.

  4. I read your article and it has amazing skincare tips which I can use in my daily skincare routine. Taking care of skin is an important part of self-care, and finding the right skincare products that work for you can make a significant difference in the appearance and health of your skin. It’s essential to choose products that are appropriate for your skin type and to consider any specific skin concerns you may have, such as acne or dryness. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to read reviews and seek advice from dermatologists or skin care professionals to help you make informed decisions about the products you use.

  5. Wow, I stumbled upon your blog post about your favorite skincare line, and I must say, I’m impressed! Your passion for taking care of your skin really shines through in your writing. I appreciate how you’ve provided a detailed review of the products you use and why they have become your go-to skincare routine.

    It’s refreshing to see a blogger who not only shares their personal experiences but also delves into the science and ingredients behind the products. Your in-depth knowledge shows your dedication to educating your readers and helping them make informed choices about their skincare.

    I’ve been on the lookout for a new skincare line, and your post has certainly piqued my interest. Your enthusiasm and positive results are convincing, and I’m excited to give these products a try. Thank you for sharing your honest opinion and providing valuable insights into the benefits of this skincare line.

    Keep up the fantastic work on your blog! I’ll definitely be exploring more of your content for skincare tips and recommendations.


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