My Exclusive 7-Day Detox Cleanse (for detox and weight loss!)

Paleo Weight Loss Meal Plans

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FYI – For those asking what’s the difference between a Smoothie & and a Juice….

*A smoothie is when you add all ingredients to a blender with liquid (i.e. water) and blend the ingredients while a juice is when you add the ingredients to a juice extractor to extract only the juice.

If you don’t have a juicer, here’s a quick list of the one’s I recommend based on price range:

Best Juicer Under $100 > HERE

Best Juicer Under $150 > HERE

Best Juicer Under $200 > HERE

Best Juicer on the Market (IMO) > HERE  (Cold-Pressed Juicers are more expensive)




 I tried to keep the number of ingredients for this cleanse as simple as possible without affecting the results.  Remember, this detox has been updated.  To get the updated version, be sure to enter your email in the green bar at the top of my site. You should be able to find organic options for all of these ingredients as most grocery stores.  If you can’t afford all organic, don’t worry… you’ll still get results.  Another option if your local grocery store doesn’t offer organic produce or you want to save an extra buck is to check out your local farmer’s market!



After the Cleanse:

Do NOT eat processed foods or drinks after the cleanse for at least 14-30 days.  Stick to eating all natural foods (fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, etc.).  While on the cleanse protocol, you began the cleansing and healing process.  You don’t want to undo the progress you’ve made!


This is NOT a diet or meal plan.  This is a detox.  I do not recommend following this detox protocol as a continual diet plan.  In fact, if you plan on doing this cleanse for any longer than 14 days, I suggest you do so under the supervision of a medical professional.  Additionally, please keep in mind that a detox is about detoxifying the body of harmful toxins that have accumulated inside the body over the course of many years and can lead to some diseases, weight gain, etc.  A detox is not about weight loss alone – however, weight loss is usually a “side effect” of doing a detox since so many toxins are stored in fat cells.  Please keep this in mind when doing this detox.  The goal here is to make you healthier, not just skinnier.  Happy Cleansing!



  1. I’m doing the 7 day detox, can I add stevia or water to the carrot juice? I put too much ginger in and now it’s almost sickening!

    • Yes, of course. As long as the stevia is pure (all natural). Yea, for the ginger, usually 1-2 knuckles will do the trick 🙂

  2. Can you snack on ‘food’ in between these smoothies/juices? Like celery and carrot sticks?

    • You can; however, just remember the more you stick to the program, the better the results. If your goal is to detox only, then it won’t hurt. If your goal is detox AND lose weight, then try your best to stick to the program exactly. For me personally, if I get hungry on this cleanse, I usually make another juice or smoothie. Usually, I find that a “green” juice helps curb the hunger. (celery, spinach, 1/2 bunch parsley, 1-2 knuckles of ginger, whole lemon, apples and/or oranges to sweeten)

  3. Brilliant, Thanks – I’ll give it a try

  4. Hi! Thanks so much for posting this!! It definitely looks doable 🙂 Could you tell me what the smoothies target? The “Fat Flush” one I imagine “flushes fat” haha but what do the others target? Or what craving will they curve?

    Thanks again 😀

    • Hi Laurin! No problem. The carrot juice mixture is great for gently cleansing the colon, which is why I always have you drinking it in the morning on an empty stomach. It’ll also help if you have easy access to a restroom during these 7 days of detox 🙂 As for the fat flush smoothie, it serves a variety of purposes during the cleanse. One is to continue the “flushing” process with the high fiber intake. Another is to provide a wide array of essential vitamins and minerals, which will help avoid any nutritional deficiencies during the cleanse. The salad, of course, is what makes this cleanse a little easier than most because you actually get to eat whole food! Lol. Overall, the high intake of vitamins, minerals, and fiber you’ll be consuming throughout the 7 days will help to flush out tons of toxins from your body. And, remember, fat cells are primarily made up of toxins, so eliminating the toxins will literally help to “burn” or “flush” the fat right out of you. 🙂

  5. do i need a juicer to make the juice drinks or can i blend everything? what do you recommend?

    • Hi Cody.. A juicer is ideal. The reason is because a juice is very easy for the body to absorb in order to maximize on its nutrient and detoxifying effects. Drinking a juice on an empty stomach in the morning is ideal for detox. However, if you do not have a juicer, you will still get results using a blender. Secret tip: you can blend the mixture then strain it through a nut milk strainer and woo-lah you have a juice 😉

  6. Hi, can u work at the same time?

    • JayJay.. Yes, you can. But, be mindful while working out. In other words, if you start to feel light headed or dizzy, then stop or lessen the intensity. Usually, I’m able to do light workouts during the cleanse though.

  7. Sorry work-out

  8. What about water? A limit to how much one can drink?

  9. I started this today & have two questions:

    1. Any advice for perseverance in sticking to it for the whole 7 days?

    2. What do you suggest as a follow-up to this? I certainly don’t want to undo the good I’ll accomplish over this 7 days!

    • April, I’m glad you’re giving the cleanse a try! If you’ve not subscribed to my email newsletter, please do so because I send you a link to a more in depth review of this cleanse along with additional tips. Answers: 1) Drink lots of water to stay hydrated, get outside and breathe fresh air (really helps), take naps (if possible), find something to do to take your mind off of the cleanse, on the nights you eat the salad be sure to eat as many veggies as you want, drink an additional juice or smoothie if needed 2) I suggest keeping all processed foods out of your diet for at least 30 days and eat natural foods.

  10. Hi–wanting to do this cleanse but I’m allergic to carrots! 🙁 any suggestions on a replacement veggie? Thank you!

  11. I want to start a detox cleanse. So I read this one and the lemonaid cleanse. GOING WITH THIS ONE!! :o))

    • Hi Rose!.. Are you talking about the Master Cleanse? It’s a great cleanse but I would suggest it for people who are a little more advanced with cleansing because it’s very restrictive. I think you’ll enjoy this cleanse. It’s not easy but the results are so worth it! 🙂

  12. Yes, Master Cleanse. That is way too hard for me :0))

  13. Is the serving size for one or two people? My husband and I are doing this together!

  14. Can you use any kind of apples or just granny apples?

    • Technically, you could use any type but granny smith apples are lower in sugar than the others. Either way, you’ll still achieve great results. It’s not something to stress over 🙂

  15. Just about to start this cleanse, but unfortunately as a (broke) student all I have is a blender! But I’ll make the best with what I have. I am excited to try it out! I do have a question though: do you suggest avoiding green tea with a slice of lemon during the cleanse?

    • Hi Jordan.. I totally understand being on a budget.. I was too when I did my very first cleanse! As for the green tea, I don’t recommend any type of caffeine on a cleanse… no matter how “healthy” it is. It can interrupt with the results of the cleanse. If you can find a decaf green tea, that would be fine. Good luck!

  16. Where can i get the full recipes? It isnt showing up on here

    • Nichole.. The recipes should show beneath the actual 7-day protocol. If not, you can enter your email address into my email subscription and it’ll be email to you immediately.

  17. Christina bingham

    I can’t see the recipes. Could you email them to me? I would love to do this!

    • Hi Christina.. hmm they seem to be showing on my computer. To have the full detox protocol emailed to you, enter your email into the form at the top of my site and I’ll have it emailed to you immediately. 🙂

  18. Thank you so much for publishing this detox! My friend and I just finished day 7 yesterday! We did it! I feel great and I could even go a few more days but I do miss food! Making dinners have been the hardest. Temptations are everywhere but it’s a mental challenge. I lost 12lbs in the 7days. I worked out 5 of those days. I personally do like salads so I replaced those meals with a fat flush juice. I would love to keep the weight off as I have more to lose. Do you have a link to more recipes you would recommend for maintenance? 🙂

    • I’m thrilled to hear about your success on my 7-day detox protocol! 12 lbs in 7 days is wonderful! Hats off to you!! 🙂 Because my blog is very new (just a few weeks old), I’m still working on posting good content for you guys, including maintenance recipes. You can always go to the recipe section of my blog (link in top navigation bar). I also recommend subscribing to Dan McDonald (the life regenerator) on YouTube. He has tons of raw vegan recipes that are amazing. The most important thing is to choose organic food options as much as possible, especially when eating pre-packaged foods (i.e. corn chips, oatmeal, etc.). By keeping your food options organic, you’re eliminating toxins from entering your body… and remember, toxins are stored in fat cells!! 🙂 Stay tuned for more recipes, detoxes, and lifestyle tips!

  19. I look forward to reading your future blog posts! I will definitely look up more recipes! Typo on my previous post … I don’t like salads not do like them! Now that makes more since! But its all an acquired taste… I’ll get there! Also just wanted to let you know my friend who was doing this with me lost 8lbs on the detox cleanse! We are both super excited! Thanks again! 🙂

  20. Natalie Johnson

    I am wondering what the ginger does… I tried the carrot juice this morning and the ginger gave me a really bad stomach ache. Is it something I can go without or is it really needed for the Juice?

    Thank you 🙂

    • Hi Natalie.. I would suggest decreasing the amount of ginger you add to this juice, at first. Once your body gets used to it, you can add more. The reason you need the ginger is because it tremendously helps to fight inflammation while also ridding the body of mucous, which is essential when detoxing. Sometimes our body becomes so toxic that when we ingest the most potent herbs and/or veggies (i.e. ginger, turmeric, cayenne, etc.), our body wants to reject it (initially). When I first began juicing ginger, I could only handle 1/2 of one knuckle. Now, I can juice 2-3 whole knuckles with no problem. So, I suggest lessening the amount for now. As your body gets cleaner, you should be able to handle more 🙂 Let me know if you have any more questions!

  21. Alanna Ramos

    Is it okay to pre-make these items? I might need to make lunch and dinner as I’m working long hours without getting to go home to juice more smoothies. If so, how do you recommend storing them? Fridge or freezer?

    • Preparing in advance is always better than not doing it at all! 🙂 I suggest keeping everything in a cooler with an ice pack of some sort. Or, if you have access to a refrigerator, you can store them there. If you are prepping them 1-3 days in advance, keeping them in a refrigerator is fine. Anything over 3 days, I would freeze until the night before (excluding the salad, of course).

  22. I am thinking about trying this detox. Will any juicer do or do you need a more expensive one?

  23. The recipe for the salad dressings… Is that just one serving? Or multiple servings? And how much dressing do you use on one salad?

    • Hi Steph! Yes, all servings listed are for one person. You can eat the whole serving on one salad since there’s not much fat. 🙂

  24. Debbie Ramos

    This looks like the best detox I’ve come across. I have one question, I’ve been sick all last week & now I am finally starting to feel better. Would this cleanse/detox be a good thing to get back on track & fuel my body? Or should I stick to solids & clean eating till my body is not weak anymore then start the program? Hopefully I made sense. Thank you!

    • Debbie.. I would definitely wait a week or two before beginning the cleanse because you may experience a few detox symptoms. Eat clean for a week or two until you get over your sickness and then begin the cleanse. Detoxing already puts a heavy load on your body, so you won’t want to add that pressure to a body that’s already weak 🙂

  25. Hi! I want to start this cleanse today. My only question is I have a vitamixer? Will that work just as good? Do I need to decrease the amount of apples or carrots used in the juices since the Vitamix turns the entire apple into juice? Is that too much sugar/carbs…eating 4-6 whole apples a day?

    • Hi Lauren.. you could use the vitamix for both but you won’t get the full effect of the detox. Drinking the carrot juice blend on an empty stomach in the morning is critical in cleansing and nourishing the colon. Juices do not contain fiber so your body is able to absorb them much quicker and more easily than the smoothies. The combination of a juice in the morning and a smoothie in the afternoon is why this cleanse is really effective. So, ultimately, if you don’t have a juicer, you can always use a vitamix and make a smoothie for the morning drink. You’ll still get great results just not quite as good as if you were to drink the carrot juice.

  26. I can’t seem to find fresh (knuckles) of ginger in my grocery store! can you recommend a sub?


    • Hi Eva! That kinda stinks because ginger is a very unique root, specifically for fighting inflammation. Turmeric is also good but it’s even more difficult to find in its root form than ginger! 🙂 But, I believe I have a solution for you.. see if you can find turmeric in powder form (it’ll be in the spice section).. opt for organic, if possible. Add 1 tsp to your juice in place in the ginger.

  27. Hello,

    I am doing some of my own research about juicing. I am a ballet dancer and I am very in tune with my body. I have become really interested in juicing. I have a few questions.

    First, being small and lightweightl, I have trouble maintaining my blood sugar/I am hypoglycemic. Is juicing something that could potentially help maintain my sugars or could it have the opposite effect causing me to crash?

    I am currently recovering from surgery.. I had an extra bone in my ankle that was getting crushed when I would pointe my foot…it’s very painful. So, would now be a good time to do a cleanse? Also, being so active, should I stay away from doing a cleanse while dancing? How should I incorporate juicing into my eating schedule while being so active? I am usually dancing about 6 or more hours a day.

    Thank you! 🙂

    • Hi Rebekah! I am no medical professional, but based on my personal experience (I used to be hypoglycemic), I suggest starting slowly to give your body time to adjust. Also, if you’re dancing 6+ hours per day, I do not recommend going on a cleanse because you may experience detox, which can effect your energy levels and ability to focus. If I were you, I would begin by introducing a daily juice or smoothie recipe into your diet, specifically in the mornings and early afternoons (not before bed). Because you’re in tune with your body, you will learn which fruits and veggies give you more energy and which cause you to crash. The key is patience. Your body takes its precious time to adjust 😉 As far as the cleanse goes, I would wait until your activity level decreases a bit and be sure to seek medical assistance prior to doing a cleanse if you feel the need to do so 🙂

  28. Thank you so much! i’m starting Friday I’ll let you know how it goes.

  29. Hi,
    Where is this detox from? did you create it yourself? If so, are you a nutritionist or doctor?
    Did you take it from a book or doctor?

    • Hi Jane.. thanks for your concern! As stated in my footer, everything on my site is for informational purposes only.. things that have worked for me personally. I encourage all to seek professional medical guidance before trying out anything on my site, if necessary. Also, this 7-day detox is a detox I created/designed for myself after much tweaking and trial and error. It did wonders for my health! Of course, I can’t promise it’ll help others as much as it did me, which is why I state that all content on my site is solely for informational use and all should seek medical assistance, if needed. 🙂

      • Can you do this detox while breast feeding? My son is 2 1/2 months old and is an eater….

        • Hi Lindsay! I would definitely seek an answer from your doctor on this matter. Personally, I would suggest to wait until you finish breast feeding. But, you could definitely start incorporating smoothies and juices into your diet for the added nutrition! Check out my latest blog post on my home page.. it gives you 15 easy smoothie recipes 😉

  30. Bobbie Asche

    Hi I’m wanting to start with a detox and then look for a diet that gives me a 1500 calorie intake. Would a hand blender work on fresh vegetables? If not then I’ll need to get a blender, don’t have the $$ for a juicer….

    ALL suggestions is greatly appreciated. 🙂

    • Hi Bobbie.. I would definitely opt for purchasing a blender, if possible. You can also manually juice produce by blending it then straining it through a nut milk bag, which are fairly cheap. 🙂

  31. Hello,
    I’m thinking about starting this cleanse, however I am very nervous about how frequent i may be “using the bathroom”. Especially at work. Is this sometihng that will make me “go” quite often? I have a blender too, Where can you buy nut/milk bags to drain?

    • Hi Michele! Usually, days 2-3 are when you’ll be eliminating most of your “junk” so I would start on a Friday. The easiest way to find a nut milk bag (for cheap) is on Amazon. A very fine mesh strainer could also work, but the nut milk bag seems to work better than the strainer. Plus, you can use the nut milk bag to make your own homemade almond milk 🙂

  32. Your recipes are delicious. I just started today and just finishe my “dinner” juice. I’ve not been hungry all day with the three juice meals. I’m looking forward to tomorrow to make my carrot juice again. The Granny Smith apples add plenty of sweetness to the juices. I found your detox on Pinterest and I’m so glad. Thank you.

    • Pat.. Congrats on making it through Day 1! 🙂 I’m glad you enjoyed the juice and smoothie recipes. Keep us posted on your results! If you need any motivation throughout the cleanse, feel free to leave another comment! 🙂

  33. This was the grosses cleanse ever. I’m NEVER doing it again

  34. Hi! My husband and I are starting this cleanse tomorrow! Just curious do you have any snacks such as fruit in between meals?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Janine.. the stricter you stick to the cleanse, the better your results will be. However, if you feel like you can’t make it to the next meal/drink, then by all means please have a fruit snack! Sticking to fruit will ensure that your body stays in cleansing mode.

  35. Chelsea Camerman

    Hi Kayla!
    Today is my first day staring your cleanse, first time starting any type of cleanse period actually! Quick question.. I have heard that a lot of people immediately gain more weight or back the weight that they lost the course of the detox. Has this ever happened to you? I eat relatively clean and plan to after this cleanse, just curious on possible results! Thanks in advanced!

    • Hi Chelsea! Let me begin by saying that the purpose of a cleanse/detox is to begin the process of cleansing your body of toxins.. weight loss just happens to be a beautiful result of it 🙂 So, upon completing a cleanse, it defeats the purpose of the cleanse if you go back to eating all sorts of “toxins” again (i.e. processed foods, etc.), which is why many people gain the weight back. The good thing with my cleanse is that it’s designed to ensure proper metabolism (enough calories) while also detoxing and resetting your taste buds. As as result, it’ll encourage a good whole food diet upon completing the cleanse. If you’re planning on eating whole/natural foods after the cleanse, you should be fine 🙂 Remember, food is fuel – Eat nutrient dense foods, eat only when you’re physically hungry, and stop when you’re satisfied – and you’ll have lifelong success 🙂

  36. Hi, How much is a knuckle of ginger? Can’t seem to find the answer on google.

    • Hi Lisa! A knuckle is anywhere from 1-2 inches wide. You can always add more! 🙂

      • Hi Kayla, Thank you! I’m going to start this week. I have Hypoglycemia so ensure that I eat four times a day plus I’m a dog walker so have a long demanding day. Can I have the morning juice as a smoothie instead? I eat at 7am, 11am, 2-3pm and 7-8pm so would also like a mid morning option. Can I repeat the morning recipe or would it be better to eat some fruit or veg? Hope you don’t mind my asking so many questions. Thanks, Lisa

        • Lisa.. It’s important to get that carrot juice in on an empty stomach first thing in the morning so go ahead and ingest the carrot juice in the AM followed by a Fat Flush Smoothie at 11am and another Smoothie at 2-3pm. If you feel you need more fiber after drinking the carrot juice at 7AM, feel free to follow up with a small 8oz smoothie blend that contains plenty of greens (a smaller version of the Fat Flush Smoothie). Also, if you prefer ingesting whole fruit at the 11am or 2-3pm meal, feel free to do so in place of the smoothie… just be sure to ingest a smoothie for at least one of those meals. Good luck!

          • Hi Kayla, Thanks for the helpful info. I have a green smoothie everyday for breakfast so good to know that I can have a small one if needed. Plus I’ll keep and apple to hand. As for the rest I will follow to the letter. I’ll be starting next Monday and will drop back to let you know how it goes.

          • Wonderful! Good luck! 🙂

  37. The fat flush smoothie can I just juice that too or does it have to be blended?

  38. Or do I need to get a blender too for the smoothie?

  39. I have a juicer no blender for the fat flush smoothie can I just use the juicer or do I need a blender?

    • Bridget.. Yes, the smoothie is needed because it contains necessary fiber that the juice does not. Both the juice and smoothie play a different role in the detox process. You should be able to find an affordable blender at your local grocery store 🙂

  40. It would be really neat if you could create a grocery list to go with the recipes. I would love to do this cleanse, but I always feel like I stop after 2 days because I forgot to buy enough of one item and I don’t want to go back to the store. Just a suggestion!! Thanks!

    • Liz.. I’ll see if I can work on that soon! 🙂

      • I agree with this. Do u think u could ?

        • Has there been a shopping list created? I’m starting today and would love to have a pre made list to go off of.

          • Hi Tabitha.. I know I know! I MUST create a shopping list 😉 I have two other jobs in addition to my blog, so I’ve not gotten around to doing it yet; however, I’m moving it to the top of my priority list asap.. so sorry! 🙂

  41. I was wondering if i can make these juices ahead of time and how long will it be good for if keep them refrigerated?

    • 2-3 Days of storage should be fine if you add a lemon to each drink. The lemon will act as a natural preservative.

      • One more question.. Am i allowed to drink my usual dose of coffee during the detox week?

        • Nope, no coffee. Coffee taxes the adrenal glands, so taking a break from it will give your adrenals a much needed break.

  42. Thank you. I am going to start today 🙂

  43. Can I substitute a bolthouse farms mango ginger carrot juice from the store in the morning? It had a lot of the same ingredients. I couldn’t stomach the carrot juice recipe you have and it was too pulpy as I don’t have a juicer. 🙁

    • Hi Lindy! I always recommend fresh juice because it’s healthier and you get way more vitamins and nutrients. But, if you do not have a juicer, then you can opt for a store bought juice this time around. I would recommend an organic version though, if available at your local grocery store.

  44. Kimberly Gorr

    in regards to the fat smoothie because you have to blend it in the blender do you just throw everything in there even the skins of the apple and cucumber?

    • Yes! The skins are what give the fat flush smoothie the added fiber, which helps to flush the system quicker. If you’re buying conventional, be sure to wash and scrub your produce REALLY well to remove as much pesticide buildup as possible. A great way to do that is to soak your produce in water and apple cider vinegar (about 1/4 C. ACV).

  45. Hi thank you for sharing this. I am looking forward to give it a try. I have a question about the detox juice. I am not a fan of cilantro/parsley, if I omit it in my juice, do you have any other recommendation that I could add? Also from your experience, how many carrots do you usually use for the carrot juice? Same with the celery and cucumber? I am trying to figure out how much I need to buy to prep for the week.

    THank you again for sharing!

    • Also I am using a blender and cheese clothe to make my morning juices. For the detox juice, should I blend the whole lemon along with the skin?

      Thank you

    • Hi Joanne! Here are some answers for ya: 1) The cilantro and parsley are great for heavy metal detox, which we all need due to environmental conditions. I would suggest trying it first. I believe you’ll find that you can’t really taste the herbs due to the sweetness of the apples. Try cutting the portion in half until you can handle the taste. There are other herbs you can substitute, such as mint leaves, dandelion greens, dill, etc., but these are much harder to find in most grocery stores. 2) As far as the amount of each item you’ll need in each juice and/or smoothie, if you scroll down this blog post, you’ll see it listed. Keep in mind that it will vary depending on the size of each item. You’ll get the hang of it. 3) Since you’ll be using a blender and cheese cloth to prepare your juices, I suggest removing the skin entirely. Hope this helps! 🙂 Good Luck!

  46. Paige Melton

    I would like to have another smootie during the day, would it be ok to add your fat smoothie (grapefruit one) or the banana, pineapple, strawberry one?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Paige.. Feel free to add another fat flush smoothie (the one listed in the protocol) or another green juice or carrot juice (as listed in the protocol). Try to stick with those recipes while doing the detox though 🙂

  47. Can you add chi a seeds to any of these smoothies? I know that smoothies can help “fill you up”.I plan on starting on Monday and I’m excited!!

    • kaylablog

      Maria.. That’s great you’re starting on Monday! Good Luck! As far as adding chia seeds go… Just remember, the closer you stick to the protocol, the greater the results. Adding chia seeds to 1 or 2 smoothies for the week won’t hurt, but the added fat will slow down the detoxification process. So, I won’t say “No, You can’t add chia seeds!” Lol! You most certainly can, but it will lessen your detox results 🙂

      • Ok…gothcha! lol…. I won’t lie, giving up coffee for a week is not going to be easy, but its a small price to pay for a healthy me 🙂 . I will let you know the results when I’m done….thanks again for posting great information!

        • kaylablog

          Maria.. When I first gave up coffee during a cleanse, I had a MAJOR headache on about Day 2 or 3. It really goes to show how addicted our bodies become to the caffeine (any type of addiction is NOT a good thing). Fortunately, I had the day off that day and was able to lay in bed most of the day (it was THAT bad). To make it easier on you, you could always take a few sips of coffee each day during the cleanse to lessen the detox effects of caffeine withdrawal. Or, you can do like I did and tough it out for a day and feel great for the rest of the cleanse 😉 Either way, GOOD LUCK! Can’t wait to hear your results!

          • Day six of the cleansing and I feel great. Lost about 10 pounds and I feel better. I know I had junk in my body that needed to get out. One side effect i have felt is weakness. I don’t think I can make it to the seventh day b/c I do feel a bit weak and I have to go out all day tomorrow…can I stop the cleansing early? Can I eat eggs and proteins, like chicken? Can I have cheese like mozzarella? All in moderation of course. … Thank you for posting this excellent cleansing. I’m going to try it again in two months. Hitting the elliptical this week 🙂

          • That’s Fantastic Maria! It’s totally okay to stop early if you feel the need. You can shoot for the whole 7 days next time around 🙂 Eggs and chicken in small amounts won’t hurt to add back into your diet. Try and stay away from condiments with all of those preservatives. You don’t want to erase all of your hard work! If you just keep it simple (as close to the way God made it as possible), you’ll be fine 🙂

  48. Am I able to freeze the veggies for the smoothies? Or serve them and the juices over ice?

  49. Will this cause any severe unwanted bowel movements? I have school and was just wondering if I’ll have to be running to the bathroom all day

    • kaylablog

      Hi Rachel.. Every one is different, but I usually find that the bowel movements tend to be higher than normal on Days 2-3. For many, it’s best to start on a Friday so you’ll have Saturday and Sunday at home 🙂

  50. Can you boil the carrots first to make it easier to blend? Am I suppose to be drinking just the juice of the breakfast detox smoothie or am I suppose to eat the whole smoothie? It’s quite chucky.

    • kaylablog

      Hi Sarah!.. To answer your questions.. 1) The only time you’ll be using carrots is in the juice (not the smoothie), which can be juiced with a juicer; therefore, no boiling necessary. 2) For a smoothie, you’ll be adding all ingredients to a high-speed blender, blend well, and drink all of it. The difference between a juice and a smoothie: A smoothie is when you add all ingredients to a blender, blend, and drink. A juice is when you add all ingredients to a juicer and drink. Hope this helps!

  51. Hi,
    I started my cleanse on Friday, so I am finishing Day 3 and am feeling better as the days go on!thank you for sharing a managanle cleanse! Question… Is there a substitute to the dressings? I am a salt person and have a hard time with those flavors. Thank you for all of your help!

    • kaylablog

      Vanessa, that’s great!! Keep it up! Girl, I used to be the biggest salt person myself, so I feel your PAINNN! Lol! Check out this blog post I made not too long ago.. I give 6 detox salad dressing recipes. Feel free to use any of these during the 7-Day detox. Also, if you want more of a salty taste, try adding some freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice to the dressing. Hope this helps!

  52. Kyleigh beeles

    I’m more than excited to be doing this!!!! I’m gonna start buying the stuff at the end of this week. But my question is, how come there’s no meat in this? At least chicken or fish for dinner? I did the LA weight loss juice a few years ago, and you drank the juice during the day, then had a piece of chicken and green beans for dinner. I’m also scared for gaining back a few pounds after I’m done cause I won’t be as strict after this! (I could be wrong, maybe my body won’t wanna go back to being nice and be more strict) lol thanks so much!

    • Kyleigh.. I’m so glad you’ll be doing my cleanse. I know you’ll get great results 🙂 The reason I do not include meat is because meat is much harder on the digestive tract than Juice, smoothies, and salads. When you eat foods that take very little time to digest, it allows your body more time to detox rather than being tied up with digesting meat, which can take several hours. Our digestive system is on overload these days with all of the meat we consume, so it’ll be good for your digestive system to receive a much needed break. As far as gaining back a few pounds, you must remember the purpose of a cleanse/detox is to clean as many toxins out of your body as possible in a brief amount of time. Weight loss is a “side effect.” Toxins are stored in fat cells, so as you release toxins, you’ll be releasing fat cells 🙂 Now, you will also lose water weight, so it is normal if you gain back 2-3 pounds after the cleanse. Many find that after the cleanse, they don’t even crave the “junk” anymore because after 7 days of eating REALLY clean foods, they’re taste buds have been re-set. Start making the juices and smoothies a part of your daily routine for continual and consistent detox. Focus on overall health (big picture) instead of quick weight loss because continual detoxification is what will keep you at a healthy weight. Hope this helps!

  53. If you can’t get 24-32 oz of the morning juice, can you drink the 16 oz I have got and still be fine? What is the purpose of the amounts of each drink?
    Also can you drink water with cucumbers and citrus while on the cleanse?

    • Katie.. Great question. If you feel you only need 16 oz, that’s fine. The purpose of that much juice in the morning is to help flush the system quicker. The combination of drinking that amount of juice on an empty stomach helps to speed up the detox process. You’ll see what I mean once you start the cleanse 🙂 Drinking water with citrus and cucumbers to stay hydrated is fine. Hope this helps and good luck!

  54. Hi i was wondering how often can you do this cleanse ill be starting tomorrow and hope i can make it through

    • Hi Brii.. This cleanse was designed for 7 days; however, it can safely be executed for 14 days with no breaks. Another safe option would be to wait 20-30 days in between each 7-Day cleanse.

  55. I would like to try this and was wondering how coffee might alter the results either during or after the 7 days.

    • Hi Ann.. great question. Coffee dehydrates the body due to its caffeine content and the fact that it’s a diuretic. Since we’re focusing on flushing toxins out of the body, re-hydrating the body, and resetting your taste buds, coffee could slightly interfere with your results. However, if you’re just dying for a few sips during the cleanse to relieve a headache, I’d rather you take a few sips of coffee than to quit the entire cleanse 🙂

  56. If I use a vitamix should I add water and strain the carrot juice?

  57. Hi! I started the. 7 day juice cleanse on Monday. Monday evening I ate. I was successful Tuesday and didn’t eat anything. Today on Wednesday I’m very sick and have been throwing up. So I made a salad instead of juicing. I really wanted to do another day of only juice since I ate Monday night. Is it normal to throw up? I still want to continue on my cleanse. Any advice? Since I ate salad this morning do I need to start all over again on my juice cleanse? I should be on day 3 of my cleanse but Im really on day 2 since I ate Monday evening. Thank you.

  58. I’m just feeling like I’ve messed up my whole cleanse! I only ate salad this morning since I was sick and throwing up. Otherwise I was ready for another day of juice only. What can I do to get back on track and still get results?

    • Tasha.. Throwing up is definitely a detox symptom. But, don’t get down on yourself! You’re doing fine! This is just a sign that you REALLY needed to start detoxing your body. Eating a salad instead of the juice is fine. Just get back on track for your next meal. The salad is still helping the detox process so long as you stick to the salad recipe I included on the cleanse. Don’t quit girl! You’re doing fantastic! If you feel the need to throw up again, try eating another detox salad or a whole fruit. Or, I’ve even had some to take off for a day or two and then start back on the cleanse. When I first began detoxing, I was only able to stick to a detox protocol for 2-3 days (because I was SO toxic!).. But, little by little, I worked my way up to a full week. The most important thing is to take it day by day and really listen to your body. If you feel you need to take a break for a day or two, please do so. And, do not stress over it. Stress will only decrease your detox results. Relax, listen to your body, and LOVE your body. Take it slow and rest as much as possible. Eventually, you’ll be able to do a full 7-Day Cleanse with ease 🙂

  59. Hey Kayla!

    Me and my sister are going to try your cleanse and we were wondering if there was anything we needed to do before we started the cleanse? Like prepping our bodies or anything?! Really excited to try this!

    • Hi Safia.. That’s exciting you and your sis will be doing this cleanse together.. it always helps to have a partner! With any cleanse, I always suggest weening yourself off of any caffeine and processed foods a few days in advance. The purpose of this is to make the transition into the cleanse (Days 1-3) much easier on you (less detox symptoms). Good luck!! 🙂

  60. Kyleigh beeles

    Thank you so much!!! First day and I’m not doing as bad as I thought! I’m a little hungry, and the headache is not as bad. But then again it’s only day 1!! Lol I’m more nervous now about working out and maintaining the results after. If chicken is that hard to digest what about doing fish instead? I know a lot of yogurts, water, fruits and veggies, but what about other tips? I’m so happy you’re the kind of blogger to write back and help! Thanks!!

    • Hey Kyleigh.. You’re off to a great start! 😉 If you get hungry in between meals on this cleanse, feel free to make another Fat Flush Smoothie or eat some whole fruit. Bananas and mangos, I find, are the more ‘filling’ fruits. Also, make sure you make a HUGE salad at night (on the days that salads are allowed) because the greens and veggies will help fill you up and speed up the detox process. You are free to add anything you’d like to this cleanse; however, keep in mind, the closer you stick to the protocol, the better your results will be. On Days 2 and 3, you may experience detox symptoms, such as headaches, tiredness, and brain fog. They will pass! As far as maintaining the weight after the cleanse, you have to remember to stay away from the foods that put weight on you to begin with, such as dairy products and processed foods. Aim to include more smoothies and juices into your diet as well as keeping a really clean diet and you will be fine. Remember, water weight is totally different than fat.. I suggest not only weighing yourself on the scale, but also measuring your body fat percentage because sometimes the scale can be misleading especially if you ate a meal with a lot of salt the day before (salt retains water). Additionally, the more natural fruit and veggies sugars you include in your daily diet, the more energy you’ll have to workout, which is also key to long term weight loss 🙂 There are many factors involved in losing weight, but you are definitely on the right track.. releasing toxins from the body is the best route (IMO) to natural weight loss 🙂

  61. Kyleigh beeles

    I’m sorry! I meant when I’m done cleansing! Lol do I slowly introduce chicken and all that other stuff back in when I’m done?

    • Ohhhh sorry about that! 🙂 When coming off of the cleanse, I suggest slowly introducing whole foods back into your diet over the course of 3 days. Because this cleanse isn’t a full out juice fast, your digest system won’t be quite as sensitive. As long as your portion sizes aren’t huge (aka binge eating), you will be perfectly fine.

  62. Hi, I was wondering if you could add strawberries or any fruits to the salad?

  63. Do you think it would be harmfull to try this while breast feeding?

    • Hi Annie!.. Because I am not a medical professional, I can not instruct you on specific protocols, especially while breastfeeding. However, my personal advice would be to wait until you finish breastfeeding to do this cleanse. Although, it wouldn’t hurt to begin adding in the juices and smoothies to boost your nutrition while breastfeeding. This way, your body will be prepped beforehand once you do decide to do the whole cleanse 🙂

  64. Doesn’t a smoothie usually involve yogurt? Why is one a smoothie and the others are juices?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Amanda.. No, not all smoothies contain yogurt. Technically, you could add whatever you’d like and call it a ‘smoothie’ 🙂 The reason I include both juices and smoothies is because they both serve a different purpose. The juice is more therapeutic and more easily absorbed into the bloodstream since it contains very little fiber. This supplies your cells with much needed vitamins and nutrients within a matter of minutes. The smoothie still has all of its fiber intact which is going to help cleanse the colon of excess waste much quicker. Hope this helps!

  65. Hi there I was confused about the juicing and smoothie all I have is a regular blender and a nutri bullet which one do I use for juicing and which one for smoothies. I also have another machine that I can throw fruit or vegetables in and it separates the skin and only gives me the juice idk I’m too confused too many machines. TIA

    • kaylablog

      Hi CG.. it sounds to me like you have a juice then because technically that’s what a juicer does (separates the juice from the fiber). Basically, a smoothie is when you put all ingredients (including the skin, except for lemons) into a blender and blend thoroughly. A juicer is when you extract only the juice. If you do not have a juicer, you could always purchase a nut milk bag and blend the ingredients then strain it through the nut milk bag 🙂

  66. Am I supposed to be juicing the Detox Drink? Or am I supposed to be drinking it with the pulp?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Deb… I’m not sure which drink you’re referring to.. but to make it easy on ya.. If it says smoothie, then blend all of the ingredients in a blender and drink. If it says juice, then be sure to juice the ingredients in a juicer and only consume the juice. Hope this helps! 🙂

  67. hey…I am starting the cleanse,but also only have a blender. I don’t have a nut milk bag, is it fine if I just sift it?

  68. Hi, Kayla I have a Magic Bullet NutriBullet to blend a juice it doesn’t extract the pulp. Is that still juicing.

    • kaylablog

      Hi Cynthia.. Unfortunately, a Magic Bullet is not the same thing as juicing. However, the Magic Bullet will work perfectly to blend your smoothie. If you do not have a juicer, you can blend the ingredients first then strain the juice via a nut milk bag or a REALLY fine strainer. The goal is to separate as much of the fiber from the juice as possible. Read my latest blog post where I discuss Juicing vs Blending to understand the difference 🙂

      • Hi Kayla thanks for your prompt responses. I just read your piece on Jucing vs Blending I totally get it now. I have one more question for the mix salad can I have avocado and nuts? Thanks again today is my 1st day juicing feeling great.

        • kaylablog

          I’m glad you’re feeling great Cyn! Keep up the good work 🙂 If you notice in one of the approved salad dressings, you are allowed 1/2 an avocado. Keeping the fat content as low as possible during this cleanse allows for maximum detox. If you feel the need to eat a whole avocado (medium sized), feel free to do so. But, keep in mind, the closer you stick to the protocol, the greater your results 🙂

  69. Just finished the detox and I am so happy with the results! I am down to 121 from 130 and have so much more energy! My skin is glowing! I have to say that the first two days were horrendous for me! I love my coffee and eliminating it out of my daily routine caused a really rough headache! However, now that I am coffee free, I am going to stick with the caffeine free teas for awhile and treat myself occasionally to a coffee 🙂 I am prepped with clean eating foods for this week and will be incorporating some of the juice’s into the week as well! Thanks so much for posting this detox!!

    • kaylablog

      Natalie.. I’m so excited to hear about your amazing results!! You go girl! 🙂 When I did my very first cleanse, my coffee withdrawals were excruciating!! I was in bed for 2 days because of a migraine. After seeing how addictive coffee was to my body, I never went back to coffee on a regular basis (only for special occasions)… My morning green juice seems to give me much more energy any way!! 😉 Keep up the good work and CONGRATS for having the willpower to endure the withdrawals.. You rock!

  70. melanie chap

    I just started on this cleanse. I was just wondering, I been having some “feminine” issues and need to add include lactobacillus/probitoics into my diet. My doctor suggested that I start eating some yogurt to help with the process. Can I add some yogurt into my juices?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Melanie.. Have you asked your doctor about taking a high quality probiotic supplement in lue of eating yogurt? From personal experience, I can tell you that a high quality probiotic supplement will provide you with a much higher probiotic count than most yogurts on the market. I’m definitely not saying don’t eat yogurt, but it shouldn’t hurt to eliminate yogurt for the 7-Day cleanse so long as your are taking a high quality probiotic supplement. Of course, I always recommend to consult with your doctor or a medical professional beforehand.

  71. Hi Kayla,

    I’m also going to try this detox with a blender since I don’t have a juicer. For the Detox Juice recipe it calls for a whole lemon. Do I just slice up the lemon, peel and all, and put that in my blender? Same with the ginger?


    • kaylablog

      Hey Nicole!.. If you’re going to use a blender and then strain the juice, I recommend removing the peel from the lemon. The ginger is fine with the skin on it (wash it well). 🙂

  72. I am getting ready to start this, and I’m really excited. Only downer is that I am allergic to Ginger. It there any thing else I can use instead or is it ok to skip it??

    • kaylablog

      Hi Tasha! I suggest replacing the ginger with 1/2 of a lemon.. Ginger is great for reducing inflammation.. Adding 1/2 a lemon should give you similar results 🙂 Good luck and let us know your results!

  73. I just came across this cleanse and am excited to do it. When you say 24 – 32oz. for the juices, just thinking about that amount seems like a lot. In what amount of time should the juices be drank? Immediately or within a 30 minute time? or so?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Leticia.. Once you start the cleanse, you’ll be glad the juices are larger amounts since they are replacing meals 🙂 I recommend drinking the juices within 1 hour of preparing. If you need to prep the juices the night before for convenience, you can always add a lemon to the mixture to help preserve many of the nutrients 🙂

  74. I am a coffee drinker, u say no caffeine. …Is there a substitute.

    • kaylablog

      Giving up caffeine for the 7 days will give your adrenal glands a much needed break. Feel free to have decaffeinated teas. 🙂

  75. Please after My 7-Day Detox Protocol, what else can i don to totally eliminate fat off my body?

    • kaylablog

      Continue to eat very clean – so no processed foods. Also, try replacing one meal per day (lunch or dinner) with a big green smoothie. Continue to drink a juice in the morning on an empty stomach as well (if finances allow). By incorporating a juice in the morning on an empty stomach and replacing one meal per day with a green smoothie, you’ll start to notice results in terms of weight loss so long as the rest of your diet is clean. Also, be sure to workout 4-5 times per week, both weights and cardio. High intensity cardio will melt the fat right off. Google high intensity cardio for examples. Hope this helps!

  76. Have you had anyone with issues regarding protein? I feel my mind and body crash if I don’t regularly eat protein and I am nervous about the lack of it in this cleanse.

    • kaylablog

      Hi Brett.. because the cleanse is only 7 days, no one typically has issues with cutting out the protein in regards to meat. Keep in mind that leafy greens (which are in the fat flush smoothie and salads) do contain some amounts of protein, which helps to keep hunger at bay. The purpose of this cleanse is solely for detoxifying the body and the fastest way to do so is via fruits and veggies. If you feel the need to incorporate some type of protein once or twice during the cleanse, by all means, please do so. However, the closer you’re able to stick to the protocol, the better the detox results will be.

  77. This is my first day on the cleanse. I brought my fat flush smoothie to work and I strained it, making it into a juice since it was so thick. After reading all the comments, I now realize I wasn’t supposed to do. I plan to not strain it all for the rest of the days and dinner tonight. Will this mess me up too much? Also, do you have any tips for making the fat flush smoother thinner so it’s easier to drink?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Amanda!.. No worries on your little mishap.. it won’t affect your cleanse. However, if you get hungry before dinner, feel free to have yourself an extra fat flush smoothie to ensure you get enough fiber for today. To help make the smoothie thinner, feel free to add water or coconut water to the mixture while blending the smoothie. This will definitely help to thin it out. Hope this helps! And, good luck! Don’t forget to report your fantastic results 🙂

  78. Hi Kayla,

    I am planning on starting this detox next week. However, the only ingredients I eat in the salad recipe provided are broccoli, cauliflower and carrot. Can you suggest any substitutes?


    • kaylablog

      Hi Molly.. I can’t wait to hear your results! Here are a few more veggies you can add to your salad: radishes, cabbage, any herbs (cilantro, parsley, mint, etc.), zucchini, eggplant, baby mushrooms, beets, jalapeño peppers, chives, ginger, jicama, chili peppers, artichokes, and brussel sprouts. Any veggie that’s not too starchy, such as corn and potatoes, is fine. The most important thing during this cleanse is to keep the food raw (not cooked). A good idea to soften some of the more firm veggies without cooking them is to soak them in water for a couple of hours prior to eating. This kind of mimics the texture of the veggie being lightly steamed without destroying any enzymes and nutrients 🙂 Hope this helps! Good luck!

  79. Hi there! I’ve just started this today-seems great so thank you! Just have a quick question, do we drink/eat the pulp as well? Or just the juice?
    Thanks again!

    • kaylablog

      Hi Clare!.. For the juice, you will only drink the juice. For the smoothie, you’ll add all ingredients to a blender and drink it entirely. Good luck on the cleanse… if you have any more questions, feel free to comment or email 🙂

  80. Going to give this a go starting tomorrow Friday. Hope I can stick with it. I worked out a list of ingredients to buy
    26 granny smith apples
    12 knuckles of ginger
    3 bags carrots
    7 lemons
    26 handfuls spinach/kale
    7 cucumbers
    20 cups romaine lettuce
    4 mixed salad bowls. I have a tip for juice. If you blend all ingredients with some water and let it sit overnight the pulp will rise to the top making it easier to drain….I have no strainer or juicer. Is it OK to drink water before the juice…I have thyroid hormone replacement medication to take with a full glass of water everyday an hour before food. This can only be good for me.

    • kaylablog

      Hi Masc!.. Awesome list.. And, feel free to drink as much water as you’d like. You can even add some lemon juice to it for added taste. The more water you drink along with the other recipes, the faster your body will detox. It’s all about flushing those toxins out as quick as possible while rehydrating and re-nourishing the body. As for the carrots, 2-3 five lb bags should definitely be enough. You may have some left over. Good luck! Let us know how it goes.

  81. This is roughly calculated guess at the amount 3 bags of carrots is an guestimate but I could be way off. I’ll let you know.

  82. Hi again Kayla just wondering about measurement…. Is it 24-32oz of juice or is that the ingredients before the pulp is removed? I’ve run out of carrots.

    • kaylablog

      Correct.. 24-32 oz of juice. Be sure to get the 5 lb bags of carrots, if possible. They’re cheaper 🙂

      • Thanks for the tip. Finding it tough but very good. Haven’t been able to stick to it fully yet had a few false starts and some chicken on day 2. I have caught a cold but I will keep trying at least it’s making me eat healthy choicesa. How many calories are in each drink juice and smoothy. I feel good so far so would like to keep these in my diet.

        • kaylablog

          Any progress is good progress 🙂 Try doing 2 days of the cleanse then take a break. Then, try it again for 4 days and so on until you accomplish the full 7 day cleanse. Be sure to give your body a break in between though 🙂

  83. Hi!
    I purchased everything i needed but none of it is organic /: will i still get results?

    • kaylablog

      Joselin.. You’ll still get good results – don’t worry 🙂 I do suggest buying your greens organic (if possible) in the future though. They tend to retain the most pesticides. Good luck on the cleanse, and please report back on your results 🙂

  84. Can I drink herbal teas during the 7 day detox? Also do you feel that hot yoga would be okay?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Teresa.. Yes, non-caffeinated herbal teas are fine. As far as the hot yoga goes, really just listen to your body. If you feel you can handle it, then go for it! But, definitely don’t force yourself if you’re body is feeling slightly weak.

  85. Hi!
    I’m an an amateur runner and I wonder if I can continue practicing my hobbie while doing this detox plan.I’m concerned about if I can stand a session eating only your proposed salads/juices/smoothies.

    Thanks a lot.

    • kaylablog

      Hi Paula.. I encourage really listening to your body during this cleanse. With any cleanse, depending on the intensity and length of it, you may experience some detox symptoms, such as some fatigue. During a cleanse, your body is trying to detox and heal itself at the same time, which does cause you to need to rest a little more. Any intense exercises, lack of sleep/rest, etc. will only put more strain on the body during this cleanse. If your hobby doesn’t require intense physical exertion, then I’m sure it’ll be okay 🙂

  86. Samantha Hicks

    What is a knuckle of ginger? Is it the same thing as a ginger root?

  87. Samantha Hicks

    I made my carrot juice in the blender and it doesn’t taste good at all. It makes me gag lol! Any tips for making it better?

    • kaylablog

      Samantha.. blended carrots aren’t that good, I admit.. lol! Carrot juice, however, tastes great! – especially with juiced apples. If you don’t have a juicer, then blend all ingredients for the juice recipe in a blender and strain the juice through a nut milk bag. That’s the closest you’ll get to actually running the ingredients through a juicer. 🙂 But, if you have the extra cash, I would definitely suggest investing in a good juicer – it really makes a difference in taste.

  88. Hi. I would like to know is it safe for a breastfeeding mum? My little one is 1 year 5 month+. Thanks.

    • kaylablog

      Hi Maya.. I would not recommend this cleanse while breastfeeding because it is calorie restricted. What I would recommend is incorporating at least 1 juice and smoothie each day. This will increase your daily nutrition while also slowly detoxing your system.

  89. My first time starting this cleanse and just one question… About how much is one bunch of parsley? Online says about one cup but what did you use?

    • kaylablog

      Sarah.. yes, about one 1 Cup will do. I never take the time to measure everything, so I just grab a handful. 1 Cup or 1 handful will do the job 🙂

      • Quick question… Once the cleanse is over and we want to incorporate the juice in the mornings, do we drink the juice and then eat our breakfast or does that replace our breakfast?

        • kaylablog

          Sarah.. it depends on what type of results you’re looking for. If you’re looking to lose more weight, then you could drink a 24-32 oz juice as your breakfast. But, if you’re just looking to maintain your weight, then you could drink a juice then eat a small breakfast. Honestly, some days may be different than others. Really listen to your body on this matter. For instance, many days I’ll just have a 32 oz juice for breakfast while others day I may have a juice then a small breakfast about an hour later. Always be sure to drink your juice first though so it’ll be absorbed quickly while your stomach is still empty from fasting over night. 🙂

  90. I’m crying as I dump the fat flush smoothie down the drain. That is one of the vilest things I have ever tried to drink. I wanted to do this so bad!

    • kaylablog

      Oh no! Try adding 1 more apple and more lemon juice to the mix to avoid the bitterness of the greens. It won’t affect your results. 🙂

  91. Thanks for this cleanse! There are three of us doing this together. I was wondering if we can continue taking our daily multivitamin, or will that affect the cleanse too much? Thanks in advance. I’ll post back with our results!

    • kaylablog

      Hey Joy! You’re very welcome.. Yes, you can continue taking your multivitamin on this particular cleanse 🙂 Good luck!! Let me know how it goes.

  92. Hi! My sister and I started the cleanse this morning and I was wandering about the headaches, whether I can do something to make them stop ,if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s a detox symptom? (I’m not a caffeine drinker) Going great this far really excited for this week:)!

    • kaylablog

      Hi Haylee.. So sorry for the late response. Headaches are one of the most common signs of detox. The severity of the headaches will depend upon how “toxic” your body is. For my very first cleanse, I had migraines! Usually the headaches will subside after Day 2 or 3. To ease the pain, try drinking some hot tea (decaf), warm lemon water with honey, or take a good old fashion nap! Personally, when I do a cleanse, I like to start on a Friday because I know Days 2 and 3 will be the most difficult. This way, I can sleep more on Sat and Sun. Hope this helps! 🙂

  93. Hi Kayla! I’m on my third day of the cleanse. I’m really looking forward to the salad tonight! My question for you has to do with the fat flush smoothie. I’ve modified it a bit adding more coconut water to thin it out and less lettuce but it’s still not my favorite to drink. I’m wondering, would I still get the same benefits if I just had the smoothie in salad form? Instead of blending all the ingredients (lettuce,apple,spinach,cucumber,lemon juice) I would consume the ingredients like a salad. Do you not recommend this? Also, as an alternative to the fat flush smoothie, could I do juice the ingredients? I’m having a hard time with texture and taste but I find juice is easier to consume. Thank you in advance!!

    • kaylablog

      Hi Sue.. so sorry for the late response! You can definitely modify the smoothie to taste better, if needed, by adding more fruit (maybe a banana) or coconut water. If you have the smoothie in salad form, you must eat the salad without dressing in order to achieve the same results. I would suggest modifying the smoothie first. Try adding a banana or two and more water or coconut water. This will not effect your results much. But, if you would rather eat the smoothie in salad form, you can definitely do so… just don’t add a dressing unless it’s lemon/lime/orange juice. Additionally, you can not replace the smoothie with a juice simply because this protocol is designed to ensure you have a proper balance of nutrition and fiber. The juice provides a large boost of nutrition while the smoothie provides lots of fiber to help push the toxins out of the body. Again, if the smoothie is your only problem, I would suggest adding bananas and water to help with the taste 🙂

  94. I’m starting the fast tomorrow- I purchased odwalla organic carrot juice and wanted to know if the ginger & apples are essential to this drink or can I just drink the carrot juice? I don’t have a juicer and There is a native sun organic grocery store near my home and I plan on visiting their juice bar for the other smoothies. Any suggestions you have are welcomed. Thx!

    • kaylablog

      Hi Dennis!.. Yes, the organic carrot juice should be fine. If that is your only choice, then definitely go for that! Be sure the serving sizes are enough though.. 24-32oz. Good luck!!

  95. Hello! This looks like something I’ll have to try when I’m actually making my own food for a full week!
    Couple questions:
    Is there a replacement for ginger? I can’t handle it at all, unfortunately.
    Any suggestions for ‘snacking’ in between ‘meals’? I’m a teacher & seem to always be hungry between meals, especially if it’s a smoothie or juice.
    Also, protein sources? I feel like I’d have no energy during the week.

    • kaylablog

      Hi Jessica! You can either remove the ginger completely from the juice recipe or replace it with turmeric root for a similar effect. For snacking in between meals, opt for high water fruit, such as watermelon, grapes, apples, oranges, etc. But, be sure you’re snacking because you’re truly hungry 😉 Because this cleanse is for the purpose of speeding up detox, it is solely focused on maximizing your detox results. Therefore, we eliminate heavy proteins, such as meat. Keep in mind that both fruits and veggies contain small amounts of protein. Because this is only a 7 day cleanse, you should be fine with lowering your protein intake for one week. You may experience detox symptoms the first few days of the cleanse, such as low energy, headaches, etc. So, I recommend starting the cleanse on a Friday to ensure you are able to rest over the weekend, if needed. Hope this helps 🙂

  96. I’ve been looking at cleanses trying to find the right one and this one is the one I want to try. I just have a couple questions about it before I start. 1. After the cleanse and I start going back to more solid foods. How do you suggest I do that? I heard with cleanses you become constipated as soon as you are done and start eating solids again. Does this happen when you are done with this one?
    2. Is water the only okay thing to drink or can we drink other things like tea and juice?

    • kaylablog

      Hi Jamie! I think you’ll enjoy this cleanse 🙂 To answer your questions: 1. In most cases a 7 day cleanse isn’t long enough to disrupt your daily bowel movements even when you do go back to eating normal foods. If you were just drinking juice for 7 days, then you’d definitely need to ease back into solid foods after the cleanse. However, because you’re still eating solid foods on this cleanse, you shouldn’t have any issues with constipation once getting off of the cleanse. As long as you don’t binge eat on unhealthy foods, you should be okay. I suggest eating light and low fat on Day 8 when coming off of the cleanse. 2. There are juice recipes included in the cleanse. Water and decaf tea are both okay. But, nothing else 🙂 Hope this helps!

  97. Hi! I am on day 1 of the detox and I am hating the fat flush taste:( any suggestions???

    • Hi Lorri! The Fat flush smoothie is pretty intense. If you can’t stomach it, I recommend adding 2 really ripe bananas and more water to make the smoothie thinner. If you still can’t handle the taste, add in 1 more apple or reduce the amount of greens. Good luck!!

  98. Hi there. I come across your 7 day detox cleanse on Pinterest and it seem interesting. I start my cleanse this Saturday and will definitely be trying yours. And I have to say, by the time I finished reading all the comments/questions and your replies, it pretty much answered all my questions. Im very impressed, and I’ll let you know how it goes.

    • Wonderful!! Definitely let me know how it goes.. if you have any questions or concerns during the cleanse, feel free to contact me! 🙂

      • Butterflye

        I like to prepare my juice and smoothie the night before. So I just finished tonight. The carrot juice seem ok but will find out tomorrow how it taste. With the smoothie I had a little challenge there. I followed the ingredients without the water or coconut water. I came up with over 24-26oz. So I don’t even have to add water at all. Although it’s pretty thick, so when I’m ready to drink it, I might have to add some water otherwise I might not be able to drink it that thick. That’s just my thoughts. I’ll definitely let know tomorrow when I start. Wish me luck.

        • If you can’t manage the taste of the smoothie, feel free to add more water or 1-2 Bananas to improve the taste.

  99. I do have 1 question (and probably silly) How much exactly (or other way of measuring) a bunch of parsley or cilantro?

    • Oh, believe me, there’s no silly question when it comes to detox 🙂 A bunch of parsley or cilantro is typically about a large handful or 1-2 cups worth.

  100. I am a little concerned since I am on day 4 of the cleanse. Trying to power through. But I have not had any significant bowel movements. (Sorry for the TMI). I am not usually regular (sometimes will go for 2-3 days without) but I figured with all the veggies included in the detox that wouldn’t be the case. Is there anything I should be concerned about? I have followed the recipes exactly and haven’t strayed from the plan. I weighed myself today and am 1lb heavier (probably from not going to the bathroom).

    • Hi Catherine.. so sorry for this late reply! The best way to get the bowels moving, especially during a cleanse, is to perform an enema. Pure water enemas are safe and very effective to stimulate the bowels without using laxatives loaded with chemicals. Another great way would be to drink a laxative tea. You can find a good laxative tea at most grocery stores nowadays. Hope this helps!! Keep me posted please.

  101. Hello, I’m starting this program today but I’m having difficulty with the carrot juice. If I don’t have a juicer available to me, can i drink it in its “smoothie” form?

    • You can drink it in smoothie form; however, be sure to add lots of water to it to make the consistency really thin (almost like juice). Another option would be to blend it and then strain the juice through a very fine mesh strainer or nut milk bag.

  102. Ps. I saw your comments above about running it through a strainer but we do not have enough liquids in this glass. It’s super thick. (And we already added some water in order to blend it ) …

  103. Im on second day of the detox cleanse, and i found the smoothie to think and i strained it and i just read that i cant. And i already made a batch for today and tomorrow since i work all day. Would this affect the results drastically?
    By the way, love the juices.

    • It’s technically okay to strain the smoothie. You just won’t get as much fiber. The smoothie helps to push the toxins out of your system much more quickly. If you need to, you can add more liquid, water or coconut water, to thin out the smoothie. You can also add 1-2 bananas for a sweeter taste. By doing so, you won’t hinder much of your detox results. Good luck!!

  104. Can I do it while breastfeeding?

    • Hi Quincey! I am not a doctor, so I can’t professionally advise you on what to do. However, I can offer my personal advice. I suggest you do not do this cleanse while breastfeeding simply because it doesn’t provide enough calories. I do suggest you add in the juices and smoothie recipes to your regular diet routine to increase your nutrient and fiber intake. This will help prep you for when you are able to start the cleanse. 🙂

  105. Hi! I was reading though the comments, I am wondering what would be an appropriate substitute for apples, as my stomach can’t raw apples.


    • Hi Erica! Try pears or bananas. Just make sure they’re really ripe to maximize absorption and taste. The bananas should have brown spots, and the pears should be slightly soft. 🙂

  106. Sure! 🙂

  107. Hello. My name is Abibat but you can call me Abi. I will be trying the detox starting tomorrow and I’m very excited to start and see results. Any advice?

    • That’s great Abi! Just be sure to drink lots of water during the cleanse. If you need to add 1-2 bananas to the fat flush smoothie to help the taste, feel free to do so. Also, hot teas are allowed as long as they aren’t caffeinated. Feel free to email me anytime during the cleanse with specific questions. Good luck!

  108. So this may have been answered already but there were a lot of comments tomgo through. So went putting this all in the blender…do I peel the apples or carrots do I cut the apple off of the core…I know it sounds silly but I would think to cut it off the core but i wasnt sure if there were nutrients or something in the core somimjust wanted to ask along with the whole lemon…peel and all? Thanks!

    • Hi Laura.. great questions. First off, the carrots are to be juiced (not blended). If you do not have a juicer, you can always blend the carrots with water and strain the juice through a nut milk bag, cheesecloth, or very fine mesh strainer. As far as peeling the fruit goes, if it’s organic, don’t bother peeling it because the peel contain added fiber and nutrients. If it’s not organic, then I recommend peeling it to eliminate ingesting pesticides/herbicides. Yes, you’ll want to core the apple for sure unless you have a vitamix, which can process it good enough to where it’s digestible. Hope this info helps and good luck!!

  109. Abibat (Abi)

    Just to give an update! I lost 8 lbs after doing this detox. I feel amazing. It really works. I want to do this once a month now. Thanks Kayla! 🙂

  110. Just wanted to let you know that the carrot juice tastes GREAT. I’m on a budget (poor college student), but I still decided to buy a juicer and a new blender…after some reading, I really understand the importance of both the juice and the smoothie, so I didn’t want to sub out either. Thank you for posting such a reasonable cleanse (I am so thankful for the salad nights). I am only on Day 1 but after all my purchases, I am more than determined to stick with the detox.

    • Hi Ashley!.. I’m glad you like the carrot juice (it’s one of my favs). If you get hungry in between meals, feel free to eat some fruit. Good luck on the cleanse.. let me know how it goes!! 🙂

  111. I’m not at all familiar with ginger so I’m not sure what you mean by “knuckle. ” I’m looking forward to this detox but I want to make sure I do it correctly. Thank you for posting this 🙂

  112. fatigue tejan

    Hello please am trying to conceive and I have pcos. Do u this this diet will help me? I need to lose 30lb cause I gain too much weigh

  113. Dalma Rodriguez

    So I’m starting this tomorrow morning, but I don’t have a juicer 🙁
    Since I only have a blender to a blend each thing individually?

    • Hi Dalma.. If you have a very fine mesh strainer, nut milk bag, or cheese cloth, you can blend ingredients all together in a blender (be sure to add enough water) and strain the juice through one of these. Good luck! 🙂

  114. Melissa Speer

    This plan sounds right up my alley. My only concern would be that I’m allergic to carrot juice. Is there an alternative way to get the same effect without the carrot juice?

    • Hi Melissa.. Try replacing the carrots with 1 orange and 1 organic sweet potato. Be sure you juice this recipe and not blend it like the fat flush smoothie 🙂

  115. Is there a juicer that you can recommend?

  116. Tomorrow I am starting with this detox 7 day plan, I am very determined and looking forward to it. I just have one small inquiry, I’ve noticed that in most of the juice recipes you use the measurement of knuckles. Unfortunately I am not familiar with this measurement and in Google I am getting all sorts of different answers. Could you please advice how many tea spoons or big spoons a knuckle is equivalent to? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Xana! One knuckle of ginger would equate to about 1-2 inches in length. We call them knuckles because ginger roots tend to resemble “fingers” 😉 Good luck!

  117. Thank you so much Kayla.
    I have a couple of questions more, if thats ok.

    Will it be possible to exchange the carrot for any other fruit/veggie? I never been fond of carrots and even though I did drink the carrot juice this morning, it was not very pleasant for me.

    And last but not least, on the first, second and fifth day the dinners are again the fat flush smoothie. Will it affect the detox a lot if I had it replaced by the veggie salad like int he rest of the week? Due to my work, I am very active and always running around, especially in the mornings and I dont want to feel to weak.

    Thank you!

    • No problem! 🙂 Try substituting with oranges if you don’t have blood sugar issues. Oranges work well for cleansing the colon as well. And, you can totally replace the fat flush smoothie dinners with the salad. For more active people (like yourself), you can even have the salad and a smaller version of the fat flush smoothie for dinner.

    • Also, if you get hungry throughout the day, have another fat flush smoothie or a bowl of fruit 🙂

  118. I’m wanting to try the cleanse once I finish breastfeeding my baby. However, I’m allergic to apples is there another fruit that I can substitute (also allergic to peaches, pears, & plums). Thanks.

  119. Chris Harvey

    Couple questions –

    1) Does the order of the meals matter after the morning juice? Like, can I have a salad and then the smoothie?
    2) For after the cleanse, is natural foods just fruit, veggies, nuts etc. Or can you have things like rice, whole grains, lean meat?

    • Answers:
      1) As long as you have the juice in the AM, the other two meals can be switched.
      2) Because this isn’t a hard core liquid only cleanse (i.e. juice fasting), your digestive system should be able to tolerate whole grains, lean meats, etc. after the cleanse.

  120. Is there a grocery list for this 7 day detox… Im sure I could figure it out but i would hate to buy too much or too little.


    • Hi Beth.. I don’t have an exact grocery list; however, I do list how many ingredients are needed for each recipe in the blog post. You should be able to easily calculate how much produce you need from that… Sorry! I should put a list together in the near future for you guys 🙂

  121. Hello. I’m actually in my kitchen preparing my mason jars with the carrot juice. I cant wait to see the end results and continue with eating healthier. I kbow there will be challenges, but I would like to know, what advice can you provide to stick to the plan. Thanks

    • Hi Lakima.. Sorry for such a late reply! I’ve been away for a few weeks. I hope the cleanse went well for you. Please report your results and any questions you may have now that you’ve tried the cleanse.

  122. I’m starting the 7 day detox cleanse today. The carrot juice is delicious! A lot of my questions were answered in reading thru these comments. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Wonderful! Thank you for taking the time to read through the comments 🙂 I hope the cleanse went well for you!

  123. This question may already be listed but is it ok to make the detox and carrot juice ahead of time? I dont want to luggage my juicer to work, its pretty big!

  124. Hello there.
    I am starting day 1 today.
    Going to store now…i was hungry and i had a cup with warm water, lemon juice and a bit of cayenne. Is that ok? Can i keep doing this in the morning ? Can i drink water w lemon juices in between? Also…can i take fish oil, vitamin D while in it?
    Thank u very much for sharing.
    I am excited to do it.
    Planning to still work out with some dvds at my house or use treadmil.

    • Hi Ellie.. yes, the lemon juice cocktail you mentioned is okay while on the cleanse. You can also continue to take your vitamins if you feel the need to do so. I hope it goes/went well! 🙂

  125. OK last question, for the fat blaster smoothie i saw someone mention eating this instead of blending it together… is there a benefit to drinking this as a smoothie vs eating it as a salad? I know no dressing but can we use the lemon juice as the dressing??

    • The benefits to blending is that by blending the fibers, you are “pre-digesting” them, which makes it much easier for your body to absorb (less digestion needed). During a cleanse, you want to put as little stress via digestion on the body as possible so that it can focus on detoxifying.

  126. Hello there…
    I just finished drinking the breakfast drink and is “delicious”
    I put 2 green apple, a nice piece of ginger, and i completed 24 oz with carrots…it is a lot of carrots so i decided to go for 24 oz instead of 32 oz.
    I feel full. How delicious was that. Planning to prepare tonight to take with me tomorrow when i go to work.
    I am very excited so far. Loving. Hope stay excited all the way to the end.
    Thanks again For sharing Kayla.

  127. Hi again.
    I am drinking the lunch juice now. It is delicious.
    Only drinking water to make the hunger go away.
    I am just feeling a little bit sick…i wonder if this is part of the whole process of eliminating the toxinas.
    Did anybody got sick as if want to call the John ( puke) ?

    • Many people have detox symptoms when doing a cleanse. It is very normal. Detox symptoms (and the intensity of them) do vary depending on how toxic one is. Feeling nauseated is a detox symptoms. Sometimes drink some hot herbal tea helps. But, to be truthful, sometimes you just have to fight through those detox symptoms. If they become unbearable, I would suggest “slowing down” the detox process by adding in a meal in the evenings during this protocol.

  128. Gezz….i made a big mistake…instead of the smothie i made the detox juice for lunch ….afff.
    And question…the smothie it is suposed to be done using a blender right? Dumb question i know…but i got confused here and i am not thinking straight…so decided to ask anyway.

  129. Me again…
    After making the wrong drink i stopped drinking and decided to make the fat flush smoothie
    It was faster anyway.
    I put less produce and everything else the same. I used 1 cup of coconut water. It taste wonderful.

  130. I guess it all me today…

    I use my app ” lose it” to keep track of calories..
    Then at the end i had 1000 calories with my detox.

    Carrots has a lot of calories and also green apple.
    I was just wondering why one lady here said that she was gaining instead of losing weigh.
    Ayway…i decided that i will keep my calories under 1000 calories. I will use less carrots and maybe less apple….i will see what is the best.
    Just sharing my toughts. Also i decided to drink a natural laxative to help. K, bye.

    • Keep in mind that this is a detox, not a lifestyle. So, for the brief 7 days, you will be lessening the load on your body (specifically your digestive system) so that your body can cleanse itself. This protocol is all about giving the body the right nutrients and fiber to support this detox process. In regards to the laxative, a laxative tea usually does the trick 😉 About the lady who gained weight, I can’t really say because she didn’t provide me with enough details. But, she’s the only who has ever claimed to have gained weight on this.

  131. Guess it is just me here..
    But i want to share…lol.
    Dia 3 : green juice for lunch, huge salad for dinner. No time for Breakfast.
    My scale did not work today. Afff.
    But my work pants is not so tight.
    Just want to share.

    • That’s wonderful! Remember, it’s not just about the weight loss (although that’s great) but also about restoring and detoxing the body. How is your body feeling?

  132. Hi Kayla!

    My friend and I have started your detox! I’m not going to lie it is a little hard just because I love to eat. lol. But I know that this is worth it. Thank You for posting this and also for inspiring story and awesome support. I have a question about after the 7 days of the detox. I know that you said to eat natural foods. Is it ok to eat chicken breast and fish after?? Or is there a meal plan that we can follow?? Thank you for all your help. I look forward to hearing from you.(:

    • Hi Diana! Yes, any true detox is hard.. but, I feel your pain because I love food too.. Lol! The benefits are so worth it though 🙂 To answer your question: Yes, it’s okay to eat chicken and fish after the cleanse. I recommend sticking to a whole foods diet following the cleanse. My rule of thumb is to eat foods as close to the way God made them as possible. 🙂 Good luck!

  133. Hi everyone!

    Just wanted to let everyone know…kohls has a great deal on a black and decker juicer this week! It’s not the most fancy, but it definatly will do if your on a tight budget like I am. It’s originally $49.99, it is on mega sale for $9.99! I had a 30% off coupon (if you have a kohls card you can tell them at the register you do too) and it ends up being around $7.00!! Even better yet if you have some kohls cash, you can get it for FREE! Happy juicing everyone!

    P.s. FAB blog ☺️ I love this detox!!

    Yours truly,

  134. Denise A. Monsanto

    I am going to try this detox on the first of the month.

  135. Do you have to use ginger? I can barely stand the taste of it.