Glute Exercises for Bigger Booty

My Exact Booty Workout


My friends always ask me how I keep my butt so perky and full while also keeping a small waistline.  The first thing I tell them – HARD WORK!  Especially if you’re starting from scratch – AKA a flat booty.  Side Note: Yes, that’s my real butt in the picture to the left. Weight: 112 lbs Measurements: 33-25-37

People tend to over complicate butt workouts though.  Think of a bicep.  If you continue to do bicep curls while gradually increasing your weight, eventually you will begin to build muscle on your bicep!  And, the more weight you can curl, the bigger your bicep will be.  So, what’s so different with your butt?

I’ve always done glute workouts, but I never added any weights because I was afraid it would make me bulky.  Once I got over this fear and realized that the “no weight” approach wasn’t producing me any results, I began adding weights and seeing great results!  I continued to increase my weights and the results continued to impress me.  So, if you really want to see a difference in your butt – perkier, fuller, no cellulite – you must add in the weights.


When I workout my glutes at home, I usually use a minimum of 20 lb dumbbells in each hand.  Remember to push through the heals of your feet every time you push up through the legs with each repetition.  This will maximize your workout and ensure you are mainly working the glutes and not just your quads.


If possible, I always try to workout my glutes at the gym simply because I feel I get better results and can utilize heavier weights when using machines.  If you do these workouts for 30 days at a weight that challenges you (if the last 5 reps aren’t hard, increase your weight), you WILL see your booty begin to lift.  I challenge everyone to try this and send me your results!

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