Healthy detox recipes

juicing vs blending benefits

Juicing vs Blending – Which is Better?

What’s the difference? Juicing – when the pulp (fiber) is removed from the fruit or veggie and you are left with the water, nutrients, and natural sugars Blending – when all ingredients are blended together in a blender (aka Smoothie) leaving the fiber content intact. Benefits of Juicing: When you […]

How to make a detox salad for weight loss

Guide to Creating the Ultimate Detox Salad

When I first began this health journey, I honestly didn’t know how to put together a salad that truly encouraged my body to detox, heal, and nourish itself.  Sure, I knew how to throw veggies and lettuce in a bowl and top it with some sort of “all natural” salad […]

Green Smoothie Recipes

Guide to Creating the Ultimate Green Smoothie

Why I created this guide… Many times, when people first transition to a healthier lifestyle, they have no clue on how to get started, especially when it comes to juicing and smoothies.  See my guide on how to Create the Ultimate Green Juice for juicing how-to’s.  For instance, when trying […]